Camille Schmidt’s Debut “Good Person” Reflects on Self-Discovery through Folk

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Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Camille Schmidt is making her debut with the captivating EP, “Good Person.” In just six songs, Schmidt presents a surprisingly honest depiction of the self. The sonic journey uses folk-drenched indie pop to delve deep into the struggles and triumphs of self-discovery. Schmidt’s vulnerability and the electrifying energy of her band will surely captivate all kinds of listeners as they navigate themes of shame, perfectionism, and the unwavering hope for authenticity.


For her first steps in the music industry, Camille Schmidt has gathered collaborators who understand her artistic perspective and propel it. “Good Person” was produced by Phil Weinrobe, whose work with Adrianne Lenker, Tomberlin, and Florist evidences his talent. Next to Schmidt, Brooklyn-based guitarist Sam Talmadge, drummer Pele Greenberg, and Los Angeles-based bassist Eli Heath constitute a powerful band that expresses intimate feelings with raw energy playing in perfect sync.

“Good Person” was created in an environment that aimed to capture the raw essence of the band. Walking into Sugar Mountain studio in May 2023, Camille Schmidt selected songs from a vast pool she’d written over the years, basing her choice only on what felt most present. The band immersed themselves in an improvisation session, capturing the magic whenever they entered what Weinrobe denominated “the pocket,” a state of creative flow. These sessions were recorded without allowing replays. With this technique, the entire EP was recorded primarily live over four days. 

The result is a captivating listen. “Good Person” tackles the struggles with shame and perfectionism, a deeply personal story Camille Schmidt unfolds throughout the EP.  In her own words, the music chronicles “the process of becoming and looking back at all the things you’ve been through… the different versions of yourself… and then sort of asking with a real honest earnest hope, is there something else? And then betting with your life that there is.” 


“Good Person” also serves as a sonic exploration of Schmidt’s personal narrative. Each song contains details about the way she deals with the weight of the past, dissecting past versions of herself and the masks worn in previous relationships. But this introspection is not limited to autobiographical content, as Camille Schmidt confronts the past and the harsh realities of the present, the album gets to feel more personal with every line. 


“Good Person” isn’t an exercise in self-flagellation, though; the album searches for redemption. This hopeful aspiration for a more authentic self, a “good person,” drives the narrative and impregnates the EP with a potent mix of vulnerability and resilience.

Photo Credit: Bao Ngo




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