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Dolores Haze is a band that had us at their first rebel yell. The Stockholm foursome is an energetic, gritty, and raw addition to the music scene, and their debut album, The Haze is Forever, is a nice reflection of their intensity and music prowess. For those of you who miss the punk ferocity of the 90s, Dolores Haze brings back that ripped tights and smudged mascara nostalgia in all it’s glory.

When Groovy Nickz, Groovy Fuck, Lucky Lollo, and Foxy Sagz met a few years ago, it was organic, through friends and wanted ads posted all over town. For Groovy Nickz the goal was simple: Start a band, get famous. These days the girls have accomplished all that they have set out to do, achieving a Swedish Grammis, a practice studio nestled under a dark subway station in the Stockholm suburbs, and a rabid following in the indie music scene.

The band’s youth is a nice juxtaposition to the expert level craftsmanship of the instruments they’ve mastered. The album is a seamless mix of all the best parts of being young, grunge, and making music that knows no boundaries. It will leave you filled with angst and roused to a point of no return.

Despite their rip-roaring tunes, the girls don’t claim any genre as their own, but are instead having a blast with people placing labels on their feminist riot girl vibes. “I read some review of the album and it was pretty funny because they found meaning [for] every song,” says Lucky Lollo. “They were like, this one song is about violence against women!”

“Which was pretty weird because it was just a song about making out,” adds Groovy Fuck .

Together, the girls laugh hysterically before gearing up for more band practice. Rock on, ladies.

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