Unapologetically “My Way”: Dorin Forges Ahead New EP

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After making her debut on the popular reality singing competition “The Voice” in Israel, 17-year-old Dorin quickly gained attention and recognition as a potential rising star. Her performances on the show were widely shared and praised across various platforms, cementing her as a promising talent in the music industry. Encouraged by this initial success, Dorin decided to move from Israel to Los Angeles to pursue her musical.

In the City of Angels, Dorin has managed to find her own voice as a passionate storyteller, with a penchant for both the melancholic and the romantic in her music. Her journey, from her first steps on Israeli television to her arrival in the heart of the music industry, has been marked by remarkable artistic growth and maturity, which are reflected in the richness and depth of her work.

With a captivating voice and an exceptional ability to connect with the emotions of her audience, Dorin has established herself as a talented artist with great promise. Her music, infused with a powerful blend of vulnerability and emotional resonance, has the power to move and inspire listeners, solidifying her place as a rising force in the music industry. 

Dorin’s artistic evolution and emotive storytelling come to life in her latest EP, “My Way.” This deeply personal collection of songs serves as a testament to her journey of self-discovery and growth, spurred on by heartbreak and letdowns. Let’s take an individual look at each song:

“Middle Of The Night”

The EP opens with “Middle of the Night” offering a solid first glimpse into Dorin’s delicate, crystalline vocals. The track exists at a unique crossroads, blending a retro-futuristic pop sensibility with a thoroughly modern execution. The shiny, bubbly sound evokes the late 90s and early 2000s, but Dorin skillfully avoids any sense of pastiche or lack of innovation. Instead, she seamlessly integrates these nostalgic elements into a fresh, genuine sonic landscape that showcases her artistic vision and technical prowess.

“Lonely Heart”

“Lonely Heart”  masterfully blends a rich tapestry of instrumental textures, creating a captivating and cohesive sonic landscape. On one hand, a romantic guitar line imbues the song with an intense, atmospheric quality, lending it a pensive ballad-like quality. On the other, a funky marimba part infuses the track with a delightful, charming appeal, evoking a distinct tropical or Latin feel. The seamless integration of these contrasting elements results in a truly unexpected, yet entirely fitting, musical synthesis.

The layered instrumentation beautifully complements the vulnerability and yearning expressed in the lyrics, as Dorin lays bare the complexities of the human heart. The fusion of the romantic and the rhythmic, the melancholic and the playful, creates a multifaceted listening experience, punctuated by the sheer catchiness of its hook.

“Yum Yum”

If “Lonely Heart” had a distinct Latin-inspired drive to it, then “Yum Yum” was intentionally placed after it to transport the listener to the other side of the world, infusing the EP with a captivating Asian flair. As the title might suggest, this track delves into the more sensual and intimate aspects of a relationship, exploring the delightful and indelible chemistry between two bodies. “Yum Yum” feels markedly more pop in the traditional sense than the previous songs, and it also showcases vocal versatility. Up until now, we’ve heard a delicate, tingly, almost demure singing from her, but now, imbued with a sultry, alluring tone, Dorin’s more assertive and bolder side steps forward to deliver us a widely different take on her still angelic voice.

“My Way”

Lastly, the closing title track completes the EP’s tetrad. Just like “Yum Yum,” this song exudes a bold and confident attitude while still maintaining a sophisticated touch. If you were somehow misled by the first two songs into believing that Dorin was at all a timid soul, “My Way” should put that to rest right away. As she boldly proclaims, “It’s my way or No way” in what can only be described as an empowering break-up anthem about speaking up and not allowing the other person to walk all over you in the relationship.

These days, it seems that heartbreak-inspired songs and albums are very prevalent, making it quite challenging to stand out, but not so for Dorin, whose EP is nothing short of a captivating work that showcases the remarkable depth and versatility of her artistry. From the retro-futuristic pop sensibilities to the more truly contemporary sounds, she seems adept at crafting both a fascinating musical tapestry and magnificently vivid lyrics that are a cut or two above many of her peers in the wider genre. Definitely do give her EP a thorough listen; you will not be disappointed. 




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