Jonny West Talks recent tour and future plans in exclusive interview

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Defying conventional wisdom, Jonny West approached his career-defining American Idol invitation on his own terms, determined to showcase his artistry through original songs and avoid the trappings of manufactured drama. Jonny’s unwavering commitment culminated in a top 3 finish, cementing his status as a breakout talent. The experience solidified Jonny’s belief in his abilities and crystallized his identity as an unapologetically authentic artist, unwilling to compromise his principles. As a hands-on creator, Jonny exerts meticulous control over every aspect of his work, with the goal of sharing his unfiltered truths and forging a deep, honest connection with his fanbase.

In 2021, Jonny’s “The Thing About This Is” EP marked a pivotal turning point, as he honed his distinctive sound and cultivated a cohesive brand identity. The critical acclaim and editorial placements validated his singular vision. Building on this foundation, Jonny’s 2022 “Motel California” EP showcased his ability to blend smooth, euphoric sonics with emotionally resonant lyrics. As Jonny embarks on a strategic rollout of new music and visuals, his sights are set on cementing his status as a hitmaker with a clear, intentional artistic direction, driven by an unapologetic commitment to creating honest, timeless music that connects with audiences worldwide.


Recently, Jonny embarked on a 16 city tour alongside fellow artist Swelles on a rented RV, which yielded not only invaluable experience but also very memorable moments and practical lessons that he wants to share with us today, check it out:


Jonny, you decided to self-book your recent tour and take a more hands-on approach. What were some of the key lessons or takeaways from managing the logistics of the tour by yourselves?

The biggest lesson is that even something like booking your own tour is “figure out-able.” Just that it’s possible to book your own thing and get it done. A lotta work, but possible. I have my guys to thanks for that. Jaxon and Skyler who helped me cold-call countless venues and bars to get dates on the books. You don’t need fancy hotels or booking agents. You can rent an RV with your friends and hit the road and make it happen.


How do you feel about the dynamic between Swelles and your act? What’s the audience response been like?

 That’s just what it is; dynamic. I think it’s fun for people to watch two musicians communicate on stage through their instruments and Ian has such an ability to make tasteful choices. A lotta times we are making new decisions (sonically) on the fly and just seeing where things go so it makes it fun to play together each night. And I think the audience has fun watching that process.


What’s the best part of touring alongside Swelles?

I get to play music with a true friend and confidant. And it’s a blessing to have someone to relate with after each show. We’re like Bonnie and Clyde, but more sexy. But for real his music is fire and I’m glad I can bring him along to share his songs with people so they can hear what I get to hear.


You made some connections with food influencers and independent innovators like LaRussell during the tour. How did those collaborations and interactions favor the tour and your experience?

Meeting LaRussell was a gift. We were able to break bread together and he was so open to putting us onto what’s helped him in his process of growing his brand. It’s cool to meet people in real life who are exactly who they appear to be online and it’s encouraging to be met with a mutual respect when it’s someone you hold in high regard. He even let us borrow some sound equipment to get better live recordings at our shows and he’s so real for that. I did leave my new flannel at his spot tho so I’m gonna need that back , maybe a good excuse to link up again.

And the food stuff was a fun dip into a world I’ve been getting more into. We’ve got some plans to keep growing in that space as well. Good food hits that same bone that good music hits.


Can you share any memorable venue or city that left a lasting impression on you?

Salt Lake City cheered so loud we had to wait for them to finish before we kept going to the next song so I am excited to go back soon. Fat cat in Vegas was great and such a warm environment to play. San Diego was solid. The art house eye and hand society we played at in SF was dope and I hope to go back and play again. I think I’d like to hit all these same spots again honestly.


Any place you wish you had had the opportunity to be in that’s now on your bucket list?

I need to play Austin and Detroit


What are you planning to do now that the Tour is almost over? Will you take some time off or is it straight back to work for you?

We’re planning the next RV tour as we speak! 


Catch Jonny on his last show tonight in Los Angeles HERE!
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