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Photos / Mati Gelman

Story / Phil Gomez

In a whirlwind of glitter and sound, Lagoona Bloo emerges onto the music scene with her debut album, “Underwater Bubble Pop.” With a name as enchanting as her music, Lagoona invites listeners to dive into a world where self-love reigns supreme and every beat is a celebration of identity.

“Thank you so much! It’s such an exhilarating time for me and I’m so excited that this body of work is finally out!” Lagoona’s excitement exudes  as she discusses the inspiration behind her album’s title. “Underwater Bubble Pop” is a title that had always been in my head since I began writing music in 2021! I said to myself, if I am going to proclaim the title of Mermaid Pop Star, I have to create the music behind it, and thus “Underwater Bubble Pop was born!”

The album’s title captures the essence of Lagoona’s vision: a fusion of bubblegum, Latin, and dance-pop that shimmers with confidence and self-love. “I wanted to write an album that was an exclamatory statement of the many facets of who I am as a queer, Latin artist and truly define my introduction into the independent music industry,” she explains. “I love that it almost sounds like it’s its own genre, so listeners can expect to hear the many sides of bubblegum, Latin, and dance-pop with shimmery melodies and catchy hooks and oozing in sexy confidence and self-love!”


But beneath the glittering surface lies a deeper narrative, one of personal growth and resilience. “Music has always been a place of healing for me,” Lagoona shares. “When I began writing music in 2020, my first EP AQUA, was centered on my dreams of loving someone else. Thematically, every song was a side of how desperately I wanted to love and be loved by a partner.”

However, life had other plans for Lagoona. In the midst of her musical journey, she faced profound loss and adversity. “The two years after that release were some of the most difficult in my life,” she reflects. “I lost a relationship, my father, and career opportunities back-to-back and I truly hit rock bottom.”

It was in this darkness that Lagoona found her light. “But going through all of that totally saved my life,” she admits. “Because I realized that I had no idea how to give myself the love that I was seeking in other people.”

And so, the themes of self-love and empowerment became the heartbeat of “Underwater Bubble Pop.” “I wanted to flip the switch and I began writing about loving MYSELF and I believe that’s where my healing began,” Lagoona declares.

Each track on the album is a testament to this journey of self-discovery. From the infectious affirmations of “TMFO” to the unapologetic embrace of physical desire in “Toys,” Lagoona invites listeners to join her in a celebration of authenticity and self-expression.

But Lagoona’s story doesn’t begin with fame and recognition. Growing up queer in a conservative, Mexican American household in Louisiana presented its own set of challenges. “I was raised believing that everything that makes me who I am was wrong,” she reveals. “I was always different and everyone around me made me hyper-aware of it.”

In a world that often felt hostile and unwelcoming, music became Lagoona’s sanctuary. “Pop music became a safe haven for me,” she recalls. “I could explore my femininity, my sexuality, and my queerness in the confines of my headphones, and no one could judge me.”

It’s this sense of liberation and self-expression that infuses every note of “Underwater Bubble Pop.” “Making music and being an artist now is that fantasy come true,” Lagoona acknowledges. “My music is a reflection of the Y2K divas of the millennium who were my only escape.”

As Lagoona’s music resonates with audiences around the world, she remains grounded in gratitude and humility. “I pinch myself a lot, just to make sure I’m not dreaming! I am incredibly proud of myself for investing in my dreams and endlessly pursuing them, even when things get hard or scary!”

Behind the glittering facade lies the sweat and tears of artistic creation. “It was a journey, let me tell ya!” Lagoona recalls the making of “Underwater Bubble Pop.” From late-night Zoom sessions with her co-writer to marathon recording sessions in the studio, every moment was infused with passion and determination.

As “Underwater Bubble Pop” makes waves in the music industry, Lagoona remains focused on her mission of spreading joy and empowerment through her music. “I want people to smile, and chuckle, and ‘yasss,’ and dance, and sing along,” she says. “I hope that my listeners take away some joy, some feel-good affirmations, and a tune that won’t leave your head!”

And with new projects on the horizon, Lagoona’s journey is far from over. “I am so thrilled to say that you can expect a LOT more music coming your way!” she teases. “I’ve already returned to the studio so you won’t have to wait too long for more!”

As the story of Lagoona Bloo continues to unfold, one thing remains clear: in a world of uncertainty and doubt, her music is a beacon of hope and self-love for listeners around the world.



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