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 “I think it’s incredibly important and our duty as human beings to have meaningful and progressive conversation.” – Molly Moore

Molly Moore tackles the daunting yet poignant subject of social media in her new song ‘IRL.’ Shining a light on the different facets of getting to know someone, Molly suggests it’s best to jump offline if you truly want to get to know somebody. ‘IRL’ provokes those realistic, fantastical, filtered, and curated personas we make for ourselves online, leaving us with the question: is it at all possible to understand one another through a mediated platform like social media?

‘IRL’ for Molly Moore is colorful, dynamic, and lyrically sincere. The song is a beautiful show of honesty and vulnerability from the singer, who eagerly steps into her power to confront what is “supposed to be” left in the shadows. Her upbeat, 90’s aesthetic makes for an exciting juxtaposition to her impactful statements; showing the duality inside all of us.

Molly explains more behind the song, stating: “This is the first song off my first full-length album. The title ‘IRL’ AKA “In Real Life” has a big meaning to me right now as I’ve been embracing a lot of difficult truths in my own reality. It seems super easy to portray only the good things about your life to people, in person or on social media; But for me, doing that has been stifling and extremely unhealthy.”

“After facing the death of my father at 25 and the end of a 6-year relationship shortly after,” She continues. “I was so vulnerable and broken that sharing my truth in every aspect has been the only way I’ve started to cope. Ultimately, I think everyone wants to be accepted as themselves and comfortable in their authentic form. I’ve given myself permission to embrace and share my scariest thoughts and experiences, even if initially it makes people uncomfortable or they can’t understand, because I think it’s incredibly important and our duty as human beings to have meaningful and progressive conversation.”

Tackling a subject as controversial as social media is daunting for many, as it intertwines with our lives so acutely; but Molly has found a way to make it personal, political, and provocative. ‘IRL’ is perfect for real-life long drives, dancing in your bedroom, or getting a point across to somebody who needs to understand that who you are on social media isn’t necessarily who you truly are.

Molly herself is, naturally, a vibrant, vulnerable, and energetic being. Get to know more about what Molly’s full album has in store, her new music videos, and her 2020 tour!

What is the difference for you between IRL and social media?

For me, it’s simply about the amount of myself that I feel comfortable sharing. In real life I feel like I’ve started breaking down a lot of the walls I had up around myself and on the internet, I really want to pull back any filters or layers I’ve created for myself there too.

You talk about accepting yourself and finding comfort in your authentic form, do you think that reflects in your online presence as well?

I think it’s starting to… I hope… hahahah

What’s your perspective on genuine connection and how it takes shape? Any advice for getting to know people on a more authentic level online or offline?

I think genuine connection happens when people lose the fear of sharing what’s actually going on in their lives. For me, when I’ve embraced my struggles and found a way to talk about them in a constructive way, I’ve found the most authentic friendships because I think it creates space for other people to feel like they can discuss difficult topics too. It’s not always an easy thing to do, but anything that’s worth it usually isn’t 🙂

What’s something that most people who don’t know you in real life might not know or guess about you?

Most people don’t know that I’ve struggled with suicidal thoughts since I was around 10. I don’t share that often because it can be triggering, but also because I generally try to cancel out most of those thoughts and not lean into them or want to engage the energy of them by sharing. But I do believe it’s an important topic that deserves a safe place in everyday conversation because so many people have these thoughts and don’t have a way of talking about them.

What are your views on the “highlight reel” ideal of social media? 

I think it’s unsustainable. You can’t be positive all of the time, even though it’s an amazing goal to have. Same with social media, you can’t filter out every negative aspect of your life because you are then feeding the idea that a perfect life exists without flaws and should be put forth as such, and we know that’s not possible. It’s also boring.

Some people have social media that feels like a journal vs some people’s social media is super curated and impersonal, where do you think you land on the spectrum?

I think mine is somewhere in between but hopefully closer to the journal side. This question has me thinking. I’m always worried my unfiltered thoughts will be too much for people to handle but lately, I try not to think about that because that’s when I feel the truest to myself.

What is a nice thing you did for yourself this week? 

I PUT OUT A NEW SONG AND IT’S CALLED *IRL* and I made a music video for it last weekend =)



photos / Kalogenic

story / Weslee Kate

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