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Bahari has long held reign over LA’s “chill-ronica” genre. The LA-based duo’s haze of intricated layered music and breathy beats has put a spell all over the music charts captivating such heavy hitting artists as Selena Gomez and Zedd.
The girls make Los Angeles thier backdrop and life’s endless journey of chasing after objects, love interests, and things that we may not necessarily need thier muse. In the video premiering today, the band members find themselves getting caught up in partying and relationships that leave them feeling hollow.
Natalia & Ruby say of the song, “We wrote “Chasers” over the summer, during a weird downtime of writing the album and not playing as many shows. The song came from us feeling lost and swallowed in our city but realizing it was our own fault. If you take a moment to stop chasing after the wrong things and really look around, you’ll find beautiful people and memories. We were in the studio writing reflecting on these experiences, and we think the song really emulates those emotions. we wanted to embody that feeling of emptiness being surrounded by people, but feeling alone.”



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