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 photo / Tom Edwards

We make the disco boom boom party good time is the motto to Brooklyn hitmakers and dance steppers Escort. They certainly live up to their mantra making every with bass hitting, dance-tastic, electrifying melody they produce feel magnified with the energy of a thousand dance floors. Lead singer Adeline has truly cemented herself as a reigning disco diva as her voice always rises above the wonderful clamor of instruments and beats that the band produces.

Premiering today “Josephine” is an ode to the French revolutionary feminist who took back her power and made it into a legacy.

The band goes on to say, “When we put together this imagined autobiography of the legendary Josephine Baker, we dreamt that if she heard it today that it would usher in a whole new era of glitter glam to her stagecraft.”
Josephine is obviously dancing in her grave right now. Enjoy below.

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