SONG PREMIERE: Effie Liu – “Summer” ft. Fat Tony

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Effie Liu Summer feat Fat Tony promo
I’m cruising up the 101 from LA to Malibu on my way to the last BBQ of the summer before my vacation days are gone. The summer breeze is blowing through my hair, I got my converse and jean shorts on looking so fly, and I know my crush will be there. Actually no, I’m not. This is just my ultimate music fantasy. In fact I’m sitting in our Brooklyn office on a hot humid rainy day listening to Effie’s  “Summer” ft. Fat Tony, the perfect 2015 summer duet.
“Summer” will make your speakers nostalgic for the best love duets, from Ja Rule and Ashanti to Mariah Carey and Jay-Z. Yes it’s that good. “Summer” is a laid back series of beats that you listen to before the party where you see your crush, or at the backyard BBQ before you see your crush, or when you make out with your crush and replay it later. Either way love is in the air and Effie and Fat Tony are laying it all on the line.
Effie says of  the song, “We wanted to create a duet between a guy and a girl, telling their different perspectives on the love story they shared.”
Good job darling, that’s just what you did! Enjoy guys

produced by: woodro skillson

Effie Liu - Summer feat. Fat Tony - artwork

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