Saint Ahmad Is Conquering Hearts and Changing “Minds”

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Last time Saint Ahmad graced the pages of LADYGUNN with his presence, we had him on a not-so-Tête à tête regarding his then-new release “Clouds”. With this interview we learned that the  LGBTQ+ Brooklyn-based multi-hyphenate artist’s favorite weed strain was “Girl Scout Cookies” and though he was often misunderstood and disregarded by the world around him in his younger days, he’s finding acceptance and a comfortable identity as a loud-and-proud Black gay man representing for all the rest.


Honey, the world is ready if they’re not they need to get tickets to the show and see what I’m about!! okayyyyyyy”  – Saint Ahmad for LADYGUNN

Inspired by the revolutionary work of RuPaul and Leigh Bowery. Ahmad’s latest release, “Minds,” is a reminder to let go of past ideas and embrace one’s inner wild child. The music video features fellow artists, including Apollo, Syrennara, and DJ Maxwell Vice, and is directed by Joe Cohen. “Minds” forms part of Ahmad’s upcoming EP, which explores his journey as a Black Gay man and club kid, and how he has evolved from his troubled past. 

The music video for “Minds” is a blend of all-around exuberant club vibes and features his brother Apollo and close friend Syrennara.  Apollo is a club kid who has worked as a go-go dancer, nightlife host, and model. The two of them often joke that they are like the Chloe x Halle of nightlife. Syrennara is a talented artist who is skilled in various areas such as drag performance, hosting nightlife events, and clubbing. She along with Saint Ahmad and Apollo, has made a remarkable impact on the nightlife scene. The music video also features Maxwell Vice, who is an artist, DJ, and a fixture at the Brooklyn clubbing scene that you’re bound to run into. 

With “Minds,” Saint Ahmad explores the limitations that society places on individuals, the process of overcoming a rocky past, and the journey toward genuine identity. This empowering song encourages listeners to break free from the constraints of society and embrace their true selves, something to open up your MIND, so to speak!




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