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SaintAhmad puffed a hazy R&B track called “Clouds,” a groovy introspection against lockdown anxiety that bounces off his sexuality and wraps it up mid-air in a smooth blanket of sound and reefer vibes.

SaintAhmad is a Brooklyn-based rapper, singer, dancer, and songwriter boldly proclaiming his identity to the world with a catchy, intoxicating spin on R&B and Hip-hop. He is as much about exuberance as he is about chilling and expanding mindsets. His latest single is, and I quote, like “[…]rolling a blunt in the most sexual way possible.”

Sizzling with personality and blazing fresh paths with an equally fresh sound, SaintAhmad caught our ears and we couldn’t help but ask him a couple of questions for your enlightenment and joy:

You said you wrote “Clouds” “through the lens of having a sexual relationship with smoking weed” But how does that work exactly?

When I think of sexual relationships I often reflect on sensuality; appealing to, or gratifying the senses. Smoking weed is soooo sensual. You’re breathing in and breathing out which is an energy exchange.

During the time that I wrote the record I was smoking weed to help me release negative emotions and stress that I was feeling. I wanted to exhale the bad and inhale the good.

Any relationship that you’re in has its ups and downs, good and bad, negative and positive. But, you’re constantly exchanging energies with a person or object.

For me — this specific sexual relationship was with weed. I was constantly depending on it to express my sensuality and release myself. I wanted to escape my reality and be elsewhere.

Tell us a bit about your creative process, what comes first when writing a song?

Most of my creative process starts with my emotions and how I’m feeling. I usually like to have a specific image in my mind or fantasy that I’m dreaming about. In the past, I’ve reached out to producers to send me various beats that can help me say how I’m feeling and I just put pen to paper and start writing. I have a home set-up so sometimes I will track my vocals and start a rough vocal production before I get into the studio.

I read that you were born in Tokyo, what’s your relationship with Japan like, do you feel any sort of connection with the culture?

Of courseeeeee. I really wanna go back and visit. Japanese culture is very beautiful. I feel like one day I might move back there or have a house there just to escape and enjoy the nature around the country.

As a Black Queer artist, what have been your biggest hurdles so far?

A lot of my hurdles began in my younger days with trying to find ways to express myself artistically. Many of the environments that I was placed in didn’t really support me or give me the space to be me. I was labeled as loud, flamboyant, and disobedient and often disregarded.

I remember in seventh grade I had a yellow cardigan that I got from pac sun. I wore it to choir class with these glasses. My choir teacher told the middle school counselor that I wasn’t allowed to wear both of them to her class because she felt like they were a “costume”. Made me really sad 🙁

What about your biggest open-arms moment? surely some people are more than happy to welcome you and spread your good word.

There have definitely been many open-arm moments. I don’t think I’ve had the biggest one, yet. I’m just getting started. I know there will be a big moment and you guys will be the first to know  🙂

Along with Lil Nas X, Tyler, The Creator  Frank Ocean, and others, it seems like you’re trailblazing as voices for a new generation of black LGBTQ+ artists. How does that role suit you? Is the world ready?

I’m an out and proud LGBTQ+ artists that’s been through so much to get to where I am now. Through all my depression and anxiety I’ve always stayed true to who I was an never tried to hide or change myself. I represent that black gay men can express their sensuality, been seen as sexy, and are multifaceted.

Honey, the world is ready if they’re not they need to get tickets to the show and see what I’m about!! okayyyyyyy

High sex or Lighting up after sex?

Lighting up after sex to debrief and get ready for bed

Lastly, what’s your favorite Weed strain?

Girl Scout Cookies!! I’ve been having a hard time finding that strand though. If anyone has any connects hmu 🙂



photos / Wojciech Christopher Nowak

story / Samuel Aponte

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