Exclusive Premiere! Glass Theory "A little bit"

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photography / Shervin Lainez  story / Koko Ntuen

Glass Theory AKA LA singer and producer Jack Duff is the perfect addition to the “Get your ass out of bed and do something amazing” playlist. Jack’s energy infused, electro-dance music is an ideal shape shifting aide to turn you from a heat stroke victim into a dancing queen. You will totally queen out as soon as you listen to him no matter who you are, think Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga and an action packed adventure all mixed into one song.  Glass Theory’s debut EP,  Hang Up will drop later this summer, and the first single from the new EP is a sexy little number called “By The Bar.” Today however we are exclusively bringing you ” A Little Bit” which is something you need to listen to TODAY.  After to listening to “A Little Bit” and “By The Bar” on repeat for about an hour I called Jack.
When was the first time you felt the need to create music?
I first started playing classical piano when I was 8, which my parents forced me to take lessons. I hated it for the first years, really hated it. Once I was around 12 or 13 I started really, really loving piano and even classical music. There was definitely a period where I listen to it , not so much anymore. At that time, I started writing piano music, but it wasn’t – Obviously not- where I’m at now. I feel like I’ve always had to create in that way, it was really the only thing I wanted to do. But then, it was really later on in High School when I got the first version of reason and that’s when I started sequencing and really experimenting with synths. So it has been most of my life you could say.
Do you think your classical background has influenced what you are doing today?
Yes and No. I think the kind of stuff I’m writing, its not like I’m directly referencing anything I learned from my classical training. But with the theory I learned and growing up with that background I do think it does come out in  my writing but its not something I am conscious of, its not something that I try to do. I do think it influences the way that I write for sure.
What would be a fantasy tour of yours? Who would you like to tour with?
That is a hard one. I’ve always been a huge huge fan of Depeche Mode. They are probably still one of the biggest influences on me and my writing and even producing. That could definitely be one of them. More recently, I’ve been a big fan of a lot of the Australian artists, like The Presets. I’m a big fan of them.
How do you feel since you are done with your debut EP?
I feel really good, I mean, this is the first thing I’ve completely finished just as a solo artist. I used to being in bands before this. I’m always used to having a group of people around me for support and its very different when its all you and it is a very satisfying feeling. I haven’t really felt dissatisfied in a while, but at the same time I’m always eager to do new things. I have obviously still been writing new material. There are a lot of new exciting things to come. I feel very inspired at the moment, and excited.
What was it like putting together the project?
It was kind of an odd experience actually. Last year in 2011 I spent a lot of time putting together demos throughout the year, and I was just writing and writing and co-writing with a friend of mine, who does co-writes with other artists. At the same time I was also writing stuff for myself. I think it was around the time I did the rough demo for “By the Bar”, I just knew ‘This is happening, this solo project’ I came to this realization because I’ve always wanted to do it. Everything I did last year prepared me for that, so towards the end of last year, in the fall, I really decided which songs would be on the CD and which demos I wanted to fully polish into final projects. It was really an interesting experience producing it because I didn’t work with anyone else at all. I wrote, produced, mixed and performed everything that is on the EP, so I basically locked myself away for a good 2 months where I really didn’t leave the house much! It was and interesting experience and it was good for me to learn to be that disciplined and when I finally finished it was really rewarding.
Wow that’s really awesome that you did this all yourself! That’s also kind of different because there are often so many collaborations in the music making process so that makes me what to listen to everything again!
I love collaborating with people, but for this project I wanted it to be very personal so I really enjoyed making it all happen myself. I was trying to get away from bad experiences I had in bands where I have to work with other people.
Who are some of the artist you would like to collaborate with now? Who do you think you would have a good vibe with?
Well, I’m very interested in doing more features. I really love Kimbra, I love her voice and I would definitely be down to do a feature with her. There are other artists that I would like to collaborate with on the production of co-writing level, like The Presets, and I’m actually a huge fan of the Van Muller record. Those would probably be the top 3 right now.
Are you going on tour as well?
It is in the works. I would love to be on tour by early next year
Great! It would be awesome to see you play live! Was there a moment when you realized that you used to be someone who thought about making albums and now make albums. Is there a difference in the way you see yourself now that you are putting out finished complete works to the public? Does it make you feel any different?
You know, I am very self critical and analytical so at first I think it was really scary putting something out since there was no one to blame but me. But now that it has been finished for a while and I’ve been able to hear peoples responses and hear good things about it, I’m feeling a little more validated and not as self critical.
Well you have a great sound, its really good!
Well, that’s the way I’ve always been, but that’s what keeps me motivated and trying to improve, evolve and progress.
What is the concept for your music video for “By the Bar”?
It’s honestly an experimental video, and it revolves a lot around the visuals. I probably wouldn’t do it justice to try to describe it, so I think you’ll have to wait and just see it.
Are you doing anything fun this summer? Do you have any trips or vacations coming up?
I don’t have any big plans, I’ve spent a lot of time out of town this year already. I’ve had trips to New York and Vegas and now I’m just happy to be home and working and playing some shows in LA.
It was really nice talking to you! Your album sounds awesome and I love your music!

Glass Theory “A Little Bit”

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