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It’s week-whatever-it-is of global pandemic peremptory acceptance and, while things are uncertain, music remains one of the only constants. For many of us, the phrase, “dance like nobody’s watching,” has never been so applicable. Whether we’re letting go of our sadnesses by dancing/singing through sobs or spicing up our dreaded daily dish-washing with some new choreography, many of us have turned to music and movement to connect with ourselves during this disconnected time. Thankfully, the extraordinary enigma of an artist, vōx, has curated a playlist that calls all of our emotions to the dance floor for an hour of free-spirited-grief-release.

Not only is vōx aesthetically alluring in her style and spirit, she also is no stranger to sharing music with the intent of shedding anxieties and fostering self confidence. Her Spotify playlist titled, “vōx COMMUNE,” is not only extremely relatable when analyzing the song’s themes, but also impactful when listening with the intent to heal. The playlist features song titles that translate to these times in literal terms like, “People, I’ve been sad,” “Nudes,” and “Fresh Laundry,” and also showcases different genres of music that somehow all seduce us into interpretive dance. When it comes down to it, vōx’s quarantine playlist is a ballet of bangers that we can all turn to let go, let loose, and lose ourselves by going within.



photos / Lluna Falgas

story / Paulette Ely

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