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On Saturday, The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood lit up brightly with the talents of self-proclaimed torch singer Kita Klane. Performing her impassioned tunes off of her In Love With The Enemy EP and some never before heard tracks as well, she captivated the audience in such a way that all eyes were on her, never looking at their phone or looking for an exit. In this technology advanced generation it seems almost odd when an audience completely takes in a show. However, when I think back to the energy that surrounds Klane, maybe it’s more than fitting. She feels her songs, grooving sensually at all the right moments, directing her eyes through those glaring stage lights as though she is making eye contact with each and every audience member. Her vocal lines glide comfortably on each melody, and catchy little hooks like on the title track “In Love With The Enemy” translate perfectly in a live setting.
It’s obvious why renowned radio host and music tastemaker Nic Harcourt has embraced this artist, going as far as managing her and directing the music video for her track “Running Circles” which premiered exclusively here at Ladygunn. The video already has almost 200,000 views on Youtube.

After Klane’s spot on performance of Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” at the gig, its easy to envision her as one of the luminaries of modern pop-soul. In-between songs, Klane provided light banter and even gave Ladygunn Magazine a shout out which always makes us smile, delighted to know that the love is reciprocated. Her backing band was outstanding as well, incredibly on beat, working well together and providing impeccable support to Klane’s sizzling voice and lyrical storytelling. She, along with her band makes it all look effortless, even though anyone who makes music knows, it’s not. If Klane can make such an impression at this stage in her career, you know she’s an outstanding talent. Oh, and she’s pretty gorgeous too.

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