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Last Friday, LADYGUNN held an early afternoon rooftop party in Manhattan with an exclusive performance by Alberta Cross. It was nearly 100 degrees out, and Petter Stakee and Terry Wolfers were dressed in all black. If they were burning up, it didn’t show. They looked comfortable and effortlessly easy-going, not unlike their music. I sat down with Petter before the band’s performance who straight-up shot down my inquiry into the band’s name. Alberta Cross is an anagram. I wanted to de-gram the puzzle and he wasn’t having it. “I can’t give that away.” Well, you gotta keep some mystery I guess.

They have a sort of southern rock looking style, despite the fact that the band is from the UK. They’ve been compared to bands from rural America as well as Pink Floyd but Petters  doesn’t agree with with either comparison. “Beautiful melody, simple lyrics, good songs,”describe their feel, and no more than with their new album, Songs Of Patience.
One part of the creative process they underwent in order to produce Songs Of Patiencewas getting all cabin-fever-like up in abandoned house upstate.  “It was kind of haunted. Some people saw some weird shit.” But sadly,the 5 band members that stayed there didn’t see any paranormal activity.
Their activity when performance was amazing, cooling down the sweaty attendees with their soothing sounds. While watching them play, I totally melted and my shoe literally melded into the melting tar of the roof.

Albeta Cross’s new album Songs of Patience will drop on July 17th

Story / Gina Tron  Photography / Ashley Pawlak


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