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IAMSOUND Records (2012)
review by/ LOGAN BRENDT
Bleeding Knees Club from Australia lightens the doom of the 2012 landscape with 1960s-ish surf punk on their debut album Nothing to Do. The title track sounds like it could be the anthem for the typical teenager on summer vacation running amok with, well, nothing to do. One of the catchiest songs on the album, “Girls Can Do Anything” reminds me of when the Barbie motto was, “We girls can do anything”. Obviously not the same context, but it’s still a nice sentiment. Teenage boys themselves, Alex Malane and Jordan Wall sing, “Teenage girls, you’re my world” on the song, “Teenage Girls”. Aww, young love. Or something like it. Just like the video for the song, it kind of makes you wish you were a teen again with the carefree attitudes when ignorance was bliss. However, they switch it up on a song like “Lipstick” where there’s a hint of 1950s doo-wop, modernized with fun whiny vocals. Then there’s “Beach Slut” which makes you want to like it because of its name. The album is really infectious, and whether you like it or not, your mind is going to randomly choose a song to go on repeat the rest of the day.

Innovative Leisure Records (2012)
review by/ LOGAN BRENDT
Nick Waterhouse’s debut album Time’s All Gone is a throwback to 1950s/60s rock and R&B soul. Visually, he reminds you of Buddy Holly. Whether it’s intentional or not, it works. It’s clear that songs like, “Is That Clear” and “Time’s All Gone Pt. 1” could have been found on a 1950s version of American Bandstand, as people danced the Lindy Hop. But the music is not old fashioned at all. In fact it’s a pleasant change if you feel like listening to something with more soul to it. “I Can Only Give You Everything” and “Raina” are great examples of this. I can definitely imagine this album being on major top ten music lists at the end of the year.

Decon Records (2012)
review by / Tatiana Johnson

Rambunctious treble, insane bass and hyper active energy are just a few words to describe Ninjasonik’s latest project,
No Swords or Masks. Known for their underground hit, “Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant”, they have much grown since 2009.The seven track project gives us a bit of what to expect for their full-length album slated for late spring and early summer of this year. A mixture of electro-pop and Hip-Hop flows, it seems as if the Telli and Jah-Jah have found their sound. Talks of drinking too much champagne you burp in the face of women, this no care attitude is all over No Swords or Masks and you must love it. Lead tune and most lyrical on the project, “I’m Turned Up” is definitely the anthem to a crazy night involving music, random running down a street and of course the just an overload of rebelliousness. On Around the World, you’ll find yourself singing to the melodic flow of Tupac, Only got one night in town break out or be down, baby doll are you down, I get around, which shows us a more laid back side to the guys. But don’t fret they still deliver the afro-punk style and you hear the evolution on this piece, Ninjasonik has arrived.

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