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“How has OK Go evolved after 27 years of knowing each other?” I ask frontman Damian Kulash in the green room before their show at the Santa Monica Pier.

“I used to let Tim look at me. And now I don’t let him anymore,” he sarcastically quips, referring to his bandmate and double-decade long friend Tim Noorwind. Tim nods.

I break into laughter, they laugh, the green room spectators laugh.  This is the opener to the interview, as well as the nature of our whole conversation. Par for the course from the guys who brought us that humorous Grammy winning treadmill music video. Dynamic level of candor is basically OK Go’s calling card and a large part of what makes those boys memorable. That, and their self-made viral videos that accompany catchy danceable tunes delivered with vivacity on stage.

“First of all, none of us started out as particularly gifted players. We are very passionate music lovers and music writers, but none of us have the patience to actually practice very much. When the band started working we were really not very good players.” Damian says, jokingly, I think.

“Somehow we got better,” Tim slyly replies.


Read the full article in Ladygunn’s upcoming Issue #10 in December.

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