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We love a hot boy band. Especially a psych pop band that fills us with all the moods. Their recent single “You Never Fake It,” in collaboration with Lauren Ruth Ward is the perfect make-out song. Whether you’re actually making out to the song or just driving down PCH fantasizing about making out with someone – this is the song. The band originally started with Cookie and Adam who knew each other from surfing together in Florida. Does it get hotter than that? And from there they kept picking up new pieces and they’ve landed here, serving us all the vibes to ease us into the approaching summer. “You Never Fake it” is an atmospheric wavey tune with perfect intertwining silky vocals from Ward. A satisfying match.

Even the music video is attractive. We follow the gorgeous couple through a day in their life, from rolling around in bed, to eating cake alone, er can’t stop watching. This video is visually captivating and wistful like the song. SWIMM is one to watch, listen and make-out to. We caught up with SWIMM to talk Superheroes, making the music video and writing “You Never Fake It.”

How did this band come together?

Cookie: Adam (drums, curly hair) and I grew up surfing together in the same area in Florida. We started our first band together as a two piece called Bastard Lovechild Of Rock n’ Roll. We toured quite a bit as the two piece but eventually wanted to expand and so we started SWIMM and moved to LA and into the warehouse The Cube. We played with our best friends from Sego and Goldensuns, all interchanging players until we crossed paths with Hany Zayan (bass, keys, brightest smile this side of the Mason Dixon) after our first show at the Echo. A couple years later we met Marton Bisits (lead guitar, sounds oddly distinguished for an Aussie that loves to party) and since it’s been the four of us, it’s felt like home. We’re all best friends which doesn’t actually happen often with bands. I feel very blessed to share this endeavor with them.

What sparked You Never Fake It? How long did it take to finish? What was the process like?

Cookie You Never Fake It started with the lyrics. I’d had this adventure in Manhattan after a show we played—finding basement clubs that blared pop music, traipsing through the streets of the city, finding gothic cathedrals, laying on sidewalks under the neon rain. I’d held onto the song for a couple years and then during the first month of quarantine decided to dive deep into the production. Being isolated with no options of distraction, I was able to obsess over it for a couple weeks. I’ve been exploring creating my own samples for this album and in that process called upon my dear friend Lauren Ruth Ward to sing on the song. I eventually brought it to the band and they added some finishing touches.

Oddly this song brings about a nostalgia for that time in New York (and in no way do I mean this with any disrespect to the hardships of the pandemic) but also that first month of eerie seclusion that the quarantine brought to LA. There was something to the rainy weather and taking acid by myself and walking the vacant streets. I’ll never forget that.

Tell me about making the music video? What was that collaboration like?

CookieIt was really inspiring to see the director Alicia Sadler and the DP Brent Barbano work together. Alicia conceptualized the video and ventured out to all the locations to make sure they’d work and to her credit, sweet talk her way into getting us access. It was an honor to get to try and bring the story to life with Dagny Hines and Lauren Ruth Ward. Dagny was in every scene for the two full days of shooting and didn’t miss a beat. I’m really excited for what’s ahead for her. It really felt like realizing someone is meant to do something in real time.

What inspires you nowadays?

MartoI would say at the moment it’s listening to friends’ music. Not being able to go and consume music live has been tough. During the pandemic we have been lucky enough to have a core group of friends that see each other when we can and some are musicians. What’s been great is that we show each other what we are working on and just sit, listen and talk about it. Knowing that we can all come together and share with people that genuinely care/have an opinion is great. Very motivating in a time like this.

What do ya’ll do when you’re not making music?

Marton: We are all superheros in our spare time. Adam is Dr Strange, Hany is the Hulk, Cookie is Rihanna, I’m Captain America and together we bring justice and our peace songs to the people.

Cookie: Captain America lol. From Newcastle.

Best and worst thing about being a musician?

MartoThe uncertainty of music can be tough. You can’t predict anything and none of it really makes sense. One of the worst things though is feeling like you’re by yourself trying to do it. Luckily in SWIMM we have each other. We are all creepily close/see each other all the time so even though we live with the feeling of uncertainty we do it together. We have fun.



photos / taken from the video

story / Vogue Giambri

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