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Stereo Jane is composed of our favorite twin sister duo, Sydney and Mia Schemier. They are hot girls trapped in an alt-pop rock world and they are serving us with some serious anthems that can only be wrapped up with an “amen, praise be sister, we got through it.” Their new single “Amen” is the kind of song you’ve got in your ears as you walk confidently to someone’s house to knock on the door punch them in the face and walk away.

The song it is an edgy symphony about finding yourself deep in someone’s trap. And it too, is a situation that can only end with an “Amen.” The sisters meld together with strong silky vocals from Sydney and a powerful heart beat through Mia’s drumming. They made a music video for us and with it they want to empower and inspire people to remind themselves we’re going to get through this. Even in this uncertain time in the world.  We got to talk to the iconic sisters about growing up in Detroit, how they’ve been using their social media platform for change and of course, what it was like writing Amen.

What’s the significance behind the name Stereo Jane?

The original name came from the children’s books Dick & Jane! We came up with the name “See Jane Rock” when we were kids. When we were older we decided we needed a change but we wanted to keep a part of the old name. So now we’re Stereo Jane!

How has it been having a working relationship with your sister. Have you ladies always gotten along? When did you decide to pursue music together?

Just like all siblings, we have our ups and downs. Being twins, there was always this sense of competition. Growing up it always kind of felt that way but now that we’re older and living on our own, or relationship is super strong. We’ve always said riding together is so amazing because we can be real and honest with each other. We started when we were 8!

Do you both write the songs? What was the process like for “Amen”?

It is a collaborative process! Originally amen was a different song. I (Syd) wrote it at home on piano. Then I showed it to Mia and we took it to the studio and changed it up a bit!

What was it like growing up in Detroit? When did you move to LA? Do you have a preference?

We both always felt that LA was where we needed to be. Of course we love Detroit, but it’s not really a music scene anymore. We definitely feel more ourselves out here.

What have you been listening to in the car lately? What’s a few of your go to songs you can pop on while you drive to the grocery store?

Lately we’ve been loving Sam fender. Muna is also another great band! Right now the song we’ve been playing a lot is “R U 4 Me?” By Middle Kids!

What are some ways you’ve been practicing your activism during these times and what can we do?

Social media is an extremely powerful tool. We’ve both been really active on all of our platforms. Using music as a form of expression is also something we’ve discovered to be helpful. We try our best to post as many organizations to donate to/spread awareness. We’re actually about to launch some merch, and part of the proceeds will be going to Color Of Change!



photos / courtesy of artist

story / Vogue Giambri

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