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Today we have an interview with R&B visionary Brandy Haze about her newest release, however, I cannot go on with the interview without first telling you a little bit about the “That’s Unfortunate” EP itself:

This 7-track EP is full of insane twists and turns that surprise you every step of the way. Brandy’s sound was described to me as “inventive” and my ever-skeptic self was pleased to objectively verify that claim by track No.2, “California Lies”, which might as well be the first song since the previously listed track, “77.7 FU” is an intro styled after radio call-in shows. “California Lies” really comes out of the left-field, the track hits you with gritty R&B vocals fused with modern hip-hop and set to a very classic Drum&Bass percussion background, who would have thought.?

After “caller Number 1” (a segway track) comes “Waiting”, which takes a different direction by drawing deeply from the late 90s and early 2000s R&B. Then comes the titular track, “That’s Unfortunate” goes a little further back in time, and Brandy’s absolutely sparky and delicious walks down the song by the arm of a gorgeous down-tempo funky bassline, the result is an airy and cozy modern take on more classical R&B sounds of the past.

I really don’t want to gush in more detail about this EP, but I will tell you this: My absolute favorite song (and I think the biggest stand out) is definitely “No Reply”. Haze’s voice becomes pure champagne, and the music it floats on is an absolutely flawless piece of Soul/R&B RESPECT, the kind we just don’t get enough of nowadays.

Ok, Moving on! Let’s find out what Brandy Haze had to tell us:

I think it’s pretty clear that your main sound lies in R&B. What made you fall in love with the genre?

I guess just listening and watching music videos as a kid really inspired me. I discovered 90s R&B in the 2000s and remember buying so many CDs off Amazon.

Where do you usually draw your lyrics from? What’s your mind like when writing?

I try to draw my lyrics from my real-life experiences or experiences of those close to me. The majority of my songs are personal.

How do you approach songwriting? Do you have a methodology for it or does the need to write just come up some days?

I think every song is different. Sometimes I start with the beat and sometimes I think of what I want to say first. I definitely have days that I want to write more than others.

You worked with Ian Thomas & Leven Kali to make your debut with “Roses”, how did they influence that record and you personally as an artist?

I think they helped me put together my vision. It was one of my first real songs and I’m so grateful we all got to work together and create something super vibey.

With your new EP coming out soon, in what way do you feel like you’ve grown or changed the most since that first release?

When I first started I knew what I liked but I didn’t know exactly why or what I was doing. Now I write, record, and mix myself majority of the time. All those things have helped me grow as a writer and as an artist.

What is so “Unfortunate”? Did you use your music to transform it into something positive?

My relationships mostly. It’s really a phrase I use quite often, but in my life I definitely can say I turn my relationships into art.

Have you had opportunities to showcase your talent live on stage? Any upcoming shows you wanna plug?

I’ve always loved to perform and have done many shows in my life, but I’d love to showcase my newest projects sometime soon. One of my short-term goals is to get on or have my own tour.

The struggle to build a budding career in music can be filled with as much love & support as it can be with negativity and opposition. What has your experience been like in that regard?

I’ve never been one to quit or give up. I’ve had a lot of obstacles but I usually learn about my obstacles so that I can find a way to get around them. I will always push forward to make my dreams a reality.



photos / #1 Breyona Holt , #2 Ondre , #3 Brandy Haze

story / Samuel Aponte

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