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Rainbow pinstripes and a colorful landscape leave DYLLAN looking divine. Who doesn’t want to pose while looking like a Los Angeles Fever dream meets the high fashion business women that so many aim to be? Cut scene and cut your heart out – Heart shaped earrings dangle from DYLLAN’s ears making a statement of idealism, childhood, love, and fun all somehow tucked into fashion. The pink, pristine, patterned capri fit would make anyone feel like they could take on the world, but on DYLLAN it finds its way inside a world all its own. If art is expression of self than musician and fashion forward soul DYLLAN is an artist out of this world.

DYLLAN recently put out “not your goddess” a vibey EP perfect to put on while picking out how you are going to express yourself via fashion on any given day… “not your goddess” is a beautiful narrative of self power and how possesion, devotion, and obsession are not necessarily something that DYLLAN is looking for. The whole EP had an amazing flow that takes you on an auditory night drive. If you only have time to sample on song – do yourself a favor and listen to Devotion.

How is your day going today?

It’s going pretty well! I’m in the process of moving, and it being spring and all I feel a lot of transition right now.

How do you feel about fashion and its effect on self-expression? How does it effect you?

I go back and forth. Some days trying to figure out what to wear is actually stressful to be honest, and I usually end up in one of three outfits that make me feel physically comfortable. But wearing heels makes me feel powerful! I like to blend comfy and functional with a little statement, like glitter or gold jewelry.

In the editorial, you are drenched in color as well as surrounded by it. Are you a person that likes loud colors in their wardrobe and environment normally?

It’s interesting, I go in waves where I’m particularly drawn to a certain color. For a while that was purple, and lately it’s been in the turquoise/teal realm. I think because my mood is more pensive and introspective lately, I’m liking earth tones with just a pop of color. The shoot was super fun though, and definitely got me out of my comfort zone!

Do you remember the first time an outfit changed your mood?

I remember the first time I put on a jumpsuit. It just completely changed the game for me. I loved that it was just one piece and I didn’t have to think about it too much.

How does your style reflect your music or is it the other way around?

I’ve been moving away from super “feminine” pieces and into more blazers and suits. My most recent single, “devotion,” is about rejecting the idea that as a woman I’m a goddess, or object of worship. I’m refusing to be objectified. I think wearing a suit makes me feel powerful and sexy, but on my own terms. I’ve played with different expressions of my artistry for a long time, and I’m always trying to get closer to what’s authentic to me.

This editorial has big Los Angeles energy! Do you have a favorite city when it comes to fashion?

I will say that living in New York really inspired me fashion-wise! Daily I’d see people walking down the street in something completely and utterly unique. I think LA is really on par these days – it’s just the weather that’s more limiting. I love layering with coats and jackets, and that’s harder to do when it’s sunny all day everyday!

If you had to pick a fashion icon and an era in time to represent your personal style… Who and when would it be?

I’d say Julia Roberts in the 80s is probably the closest. With a little bit of Bjork thrown in there.

What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?

My green blazer I bought at Goodwill for $5.



photos / Amanda Adam

styling / TuffCookie for ZigZag

words / Weslee Kate

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