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Griffin Hall has been on the scene of NYC creators for half a decade transforming celebrities, queer talent, and himself into his own creations. This 23-year-old artist is a true creative force- known for his provocative SFX makeup, innovative self-portraiture, and original designs.

Last year, he released his first collection, PHASE 1: The Basics, with the help of his long-time friend and artist, Tatyana Koss. The goal was to create a latex lingerie line for their community in the queer and punk NYC nightlife scene. “PHASE 1 is a purely genderless collection,” he said, “self-confidence and love are at the core of this project, we made PHASE 1 for unapologetic self-expression.”

Six months after the release of PHASE 1, they started their second collection, PHASE 2-  second skin. “This collection is much more ambitious- it’s for everybody” Griffin stated, “ I want people to enter my world and feel immersed”. The 24-piece, unisex collection is 100% latex and comprises new and improved lingerie items, masks, bodycon suits, and thick rubber outerwear. The collection also includes different sizing options for a variety of body types. “There’s really something for everybody. If you’re brave enough to wear it.”


Phase 2 took traditional silhouettes found in streetwear, motocross, and everyday essentials and injected a subverted twist. Intended to provoke and allure, but at the same time feel familiar. “This is a gothic circus, an illegal rave, Halloween night, even the fucking opera, these clothes are made for a night well spent”. To capture this fantasy Griffin brought on trusted friend and film director Patrick Chen, and art director Julian Wolf Stoller. Together they set out to visualize the feeling of the collection, enlisting their model friends and fellow creatives to meet on the top floor of a Bushwick warehouse. The 6-day shoot resulted in a moody lookbook and film buzzing with highly saturated energy.


For Griffin Hall, latex hitting the mainstream represents a new direction in fashion, though it’s not the end of his ambitions. Moving forward he plans on creating pieces using new and unconventional materials and textiles. “ Some rubbers feel like leather, others feel like cotton, I want to figure out how to work with both sides of the spectrum seamlessly. I get inspired by the atypical, and I can see potential in anything. I’m no engineer but I dream of creating something different and specialized. Pieces for a brand new world, for my fantasy world”


Phase 2 now available for purchase on



Story By Ada Banks Photos: Aqua Rose 













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