Eternal Girl

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story +  pics / Angelina Dreem

Carl Jung’s, Puella Aeterna, or eternal girl, is best visualized as the feminine version of Peter Pan. Archetypes are characters of the subconscious that reveal themselves in our behaviors. The Puella (greek for Maiden), or the masculine Puer, is a term relating to the lusty Dionysus, an intoxicated god of enchantment. She is forever enchanted by the glitter of the world. The shadow characteristic, for there is always a shadow, is that she perpetually evades the trauma of abandonment or external forces by freeing herself from the confines of adult life. Her wanderlust is triggered by the divine newness and a childlike curiosity in all things. Her skirts are short, and her skin soft with a hint of Victoria Secret’s Lovespell body spray. She is constantly escaping relationships, as the idea of being tied down is connected to the circumcision of youth. The puella aeterna prefers to be dressed in Miu Miu, BeBe, Juicy Couture, and neon tennis skirts. Her big eyes say please as she reaches for your wallet, giggling. The second you fall, she flies. A tragic temptress until the end, her nails pink with a little bit of dirt underneath. She prefers dessert to dinner and will definitely sub-tweet you, as her emotional immaturity leaves her susceptible to crimes of passion.

Never slow down, never grow old is her mantra: and youth is the priority of the beautiful, eternal girl. Her vitality shines, equipped with bronzer and bubblegum in her bag, don’t try to hold her down, just take her our for ice cream and a daydream.

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