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Kat Cunning’s New Music Video is a Declaration of Queer Love, Kink Curiosity, and Personal Empowerment.

Story // JoAnn Zhang


As a queer human being, Kat Cunning is no stranger to the barren feeling of isolation, but their familiarity in those emotional areas have turned that landscape into a sandbox for them, a place from which they create. Their creations, built with pieces of memory, become shelters of the heart, creating a home for those who have felt isolated, a landscape mapped in the hearts’s lone dreams, fears, and shames. Kat told us, “I think often about the early life of queer people and (anyone who feels ostracized by their immediate community). How olympian our imaginations become in an effort to seek guidance and acceptance, as we create safe havens before we can find them. Our prayers for acceptance are heard somewhere in the zeitgeist of a million other whispers and if we are lucky or determined or a mixture of the two we inch in the physical world toward a person who awakens that first taste of validation, mirroring and of course arousal of what we have always known. That first taste of being loved, seen and desired for exactly who you are can be so magical, the liaison of that feeling might as well be an angel. We face ourselves with such tilting fear we might as well have seen a ghost. I wrote this song for the people who dream of or relish in that moment when everything clicks and shame takes no part in the eventuation of even our most curious proclivities.” Kat previously performed in Cirque Du Soleil, The Deuce (HBO), and is currently playing Reina Reign in Issa Rae’s Rap Sh!t, released on HBO.

Artist // Kat Cunning

Co-Director & DP / Anna Tse

Co-Director & Choreographer / Layne Willis

Creative Director & Brand Strategist / Morgan T. Stuart 

Bedroom Angel / Gretchen Ackerman 

Movers / Kacie Boblitt, Kaydencede Mere, Cody Brunelle Potter

Gaffer / Chris Tse 

Makeup / Satya Linak

Hair / Gabriella Mancha 

Styling / Phil Gomez 

Production / Heavy Boots 

Photography / Morgan T.Stuart 

Logo Design / Marc-Alain Grenon 

Artist Manager / Sera Roadnight 

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