LIFEFORCE @ The Untitled Space

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t DSC00280 copySisters and curators Kelsey and Rémy Bennett

Curators Kelsey Bennett and Rémy Bennett envision a utopian genderless future, where notions like patriarchy, misogyny, racism and transphobia no longer exist. Where does “the female” fit into this imagined new world order? LIFEFORCE, presented by The Untitled Space and Indira Cesarine, aims to depict this fantasy female future, where the image of “the female” has been reclaimed and recoded by women themselves.
Inspired by feminist science fiction and Afrofuturists of the 1970s and Donna Haraway’s A Cyborg Manifesto, the exhibition features 24 female artists: Amanda Turner Pohan, Aria McManus, Chiara Girimonti, Elizabeth Ilsley, Hein Koh, Jeanette Hayes, Jessica Stoller, Jo Shane, Juno Calypso, Kelsey Bennett, Maggie Dunlap, Maisie Cousins, Monica Garza, Nadia Lee Cohen, Nicole Nadeau,Panteha Abareshi, Parker Day, Raine Trainor, Rémy Bennett, Sam Cannon, Signe Pierce, Tafv Sampson, and Taira Rice.
The group show opened on July 26 and remains on view at The Untitled Space through August 6.

t DSC00255 copy t DSC00251 copyt DSC00268 copy t DSC00261 copyt DSC00269 copyt DSC00273 copyArtist Sam Cannon (right) with Rachel Effendy

Sam Cannon’s body-morphic gifs

t DSC00271 copyLilly Martini

t DSC00281 copy
story + photos / Tiffany Tso

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