Ladygunn Surprise Issue: why are you surprised?!

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Nicole, “I survived a zombie attack!”

Haruka, “ I saw a rat!”

Amy, “Because this was fun! ”

Piper,“So my biggest surprise would have to be the time when my boy- friend’s wife called me. Yes, wife. She started yelling about me being a “shell of a person” for trying to take her daughter away from her. Yes, daughter. It turns out while my boyfriend was at “work” he was really at home with his family and when I came over he hid all traces of his wife and kid. I found out through my brother later that he had also been in jail up until the month we met. His wife thought I was a home- wrecker the whole time! That is, until she heard the furious and vengeful voicemail I left on their home phone. I’m sure that was a nice surprise for them to hear in the morning.”

Koko, “Because this is getting good. ”



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