Erik Dupuy

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story / Bradley Soileau

Erik Dupuy, you may have heard the name, maybe you haven’t, E-Nasty might be a name you’re more familiar with if you party in NYC, and if not, get familiar.
What’s up man, how’s your day going? It’s going well but it is only3:00pm so there’s still time for it to get shitty!
Where are you from?
New Orleans, Louisiana.
What did you do in Louisiana?
I was your typical southern post-trailer park hardcore kid. Worked in a few restaurants. Check by check life.
How did you get out? Got married and joined the fucking Army.
Ex military? How did that work out? Well the marriage ended quickly. A disaster from start to finish. The Army was a bitter sweet experience for me. It taught me exactly how far I can push myself physically and mentally and prepared me for some of the more trying times of my life. Gave me discipline which I very much needed. I was actually a really good soldier.
What was Iraq like for you?
Iraq was everything you would think it was. I think I’m pretty much the poster child for PTSD. Both of my grandparents passed away when I was there. My wife divorced me during the first 2 months of my first tour. My parents got a divorce and didn’t even tell me during my second tour. Lots of friends died and I did a lot of things that I’m not too proud of but I made it out alive so I have no regrets. I was an Infantryman. I wanted to be in the fight, not pushing paperwork somewhere.
How did you end up in NYC?
When I got out of the Army I had a lot of money saved up and nothing holding me back from doing whatever I wanted so I sold everything but my clothes and moved to NYC. My best friend Paul had been living here for a few years. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to live in NYC. I hate the south. It was a real culture shock going from Iraq to NYC.
What did you do in NYC up until this point?
I was a fucking bum for the longest. Partied every night. I’m a disabled veteran so I was just living off of my disability. I struggled with the PTSD shit for a long time and that pretty much stopped me from achieving anything. Mix drugs and alcohol in with that and you have the makings for a pretty worthless existence. Once I got my shit together I started promoting.
How did you get into the NY nightlife scene?
Well when I was going out every night and partying hard I didn’t even realize I was building a pretty big network. When you go out 7 days a week everyone gets to know you. There was a bar in the LES called White Noise that I pretty much lived at. The owner Luke got me a promoter gig at Bunker in the meatpacking and the rest is history.
What do you think of the current NY Nightlife scene?
I think it’s great. If you know what you like and know where to find it you’re set. I also only go to my parties so I guess I have that advantage over most new yorkers.
Whats the story behind #PSAVE?
Me and my partner Alex started a small trap/edm party about a year and a half ago in the mezz at Avenue. It was called Dazed and Confused and was really successful and brought something new and cool to Avenue. It also gave these trap djs a nice place to play. Something different than Webster or some generic event space. We got a pretty good following from that and that when we were asked us to move it to the main floor of Avenue. By then we had brought Tanner Caldwell in and we re-branded and renamed the party to #PSAVE (public school). A lot of clubs and spaces are trying to do something similar to what we started but it doesn’t really bother me. I’m also seeing a lot of parties putting hashtags in from of their name now. It’s funny to see how quickly trends start in NYnightlife. All love though.
What are your favorite club/bars in nyc ?
As far as bars I like Kingston Hall, No Fun and The Library. Max Fish was cool but it closed a few weeks ago. It got pretty shitty towards the end. It was filled with junkies trying to sell bad coke to everyone. I’m not trying to be a part of any scene like that. As far as nightclubs and lounges Avenue and The Electric Room are my all time favorites. XIX was ill when it was open. I’ve recently started working with The Hotel On Rivington. That place is fun. Westway is cool too, it’s a little on the trashy side but so am I.
What are your least favorite clubs?
WIP is by far the worst club in NYC. You couldn’t pay me to go there. Such a cesspool. NYnightlife will be a better place once that shit hole is closed.
Favorite DJs/bands?
I like a lot of local DJs. Alex Agard and Tanner Caldwell are my favorites. Thats why they are the resident #NVSTYMOB DJs. Mess Kid, Ak Spiver and Yamez too. Heroes X Villains, Sliink, Dirty South Joe, UZ all stay on my playlist. As far as bands and artist go The Ramones, Slayer, Hatebreed, Madball, Gucci, Rick Ross, Juice J. Lots of hardcore and punk rock. I could go for days.
Tell me about your involvement with Juice Press.
I’ve been with Juice Press for a year now. I helped open their flagship store in the West Village. I just opened their newest location in the LES at the Hotel On Rivington. Such an amazing place to work. It’s been such an great experience.
Health and Nightlife don’t always mix well, how do you balance the 2? For me I really can’t have one without the other. I really don’t drink that much anymore but it’s nice to have something to make up for the toll nightlife takes on you. A lot of people who come out to my parties will come visit me for a hangover cure the next day. So I guess it works out best for both. Our juices are really good mixers too !
What’s your favorite style of music to be played outside the clubs?
My top 25 played songs on my ipod would blow your mind. I have everything from Garth Brooks to Three Six Mafia to NOFX. I’m a hardcore kid at heart though.
What are some of the craziest things you’ve seen out partying in NYC?
White Noise was notorious for public sex, drug use and trannies. There was a secret room that wasn’t so secret for people to blow lines in. I think it’s crazy to see the level of intoxication some people will subject themselves to also. Ladies, please keep your fucking shoes on in the club.
What problems do you have with NY Night Life?
I can’t really say I personally have any problems. Everyone that I work with is very cool. Other promoters can be annoying. Most promoters were the kids who got picked on and never got laid their whole lives so they do this to compensate for what they missed out on growing up. When I first moved to NYC I could never understand how all these hot ass girls were hanging out with them. It didn’t take me long to find out the “Model House” secret.
What is the “Model House” secret?
Most of these girls you see out with promoters are from small towns and move to NYC in hopes of becoming famous or whatever. They are required to go out with these promoters if they want to live for free in their houses. I don’t have a problem with it or anything but it’s really different from what I do. Nobody is living at my house for free, people come out with me because they enjoy what I’m doing. I really don’t consider myself a promoter to be honest.
Any nightlife beef?
I’m a pretty likable guy so I can’t really say I know of anyone who has a problem with me or anything I’m doing. Partying should be about having fun. But at the same time people will rarely tell you if they do have a problem so ya never know. I keep to myself and the people in my circle for the most part.
For anyone who used to know you, why the healthy change in life?
My lifestyle was completely out of control. I was dying. Nothing in my life changed until I changed my diet. The day I went vegan and started drinking juice is the day all this PTSD shit started to go away. Juice Press helped me bring it to the next level. I’m super attached to my job. I didn’t find Jesus, I found Juice Press.
Let’s play a little game of word association. I say a word, you say whatever comes to mind.
Bottle Service- Where the money is made
Pizza-I don’t eat it, but if I did i’d eat artichoke pizza….everyday
Cabbage- Kimchi
Turntables- Music Devices
Fashion week- Gay Pride week # 2
Door Men- Keepers of the gate.
Toothpaste– fluoride
Any good events coming up in the next few months?
My birthday party will be in the first week October, I guarantee the inmates will be running the asylum. Halloween and Thanksgiving eve. All great nights for NYnightlife.
Lastly, any shout outs, websites, or ways for people to stalk you?
yeah, @iamenasty on instagram and twitter. Shout out to the #NVSTYMOB and Juice Press!!

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