Behind the scenes: Black Lips

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story / Koko Ntuen

photos / Monet Lucki

What happens when you get one rock’n’roll  band(my favorite), one super model, one photographer, three drunken editors(one who is going through a bad break up and crying all day), one “designated” driver, one manager, one socialite “I don’t do anything” kind of girl who owns a boat,  her (ex?)boyfriend and one visiting from out of town friend? The best BOAT RIDE EVER. Its also the the best idea for a show.
If  I didn’t think Black Lips could get any better or hotter they suggested we do the shoot and interview to accompany their feature in The September issue on a boat. A totally awesome speed boat with a cabin that  looked like it had seen ALOT of cocaine and divorces. It was like the Volvo of boats. It took a while to get the engine going which was the perfect time to bond over booze, photo shoots, Joe’s bad attitude ( I love you Joe) and other chit chatty kind of stuff.
The send off to sea ended up with us having to immediately having to return to the dock because the anchor was still down! This was brought to our attention by the men on the dock screaming ” COME BACK, HEY, HEY, HEY, GET BACK HERE, THE ANCHORRRR” We were saved by the universe! Now to get wasted.
Drinks, napping, a stereo blasting The Ramones and wide open seas followed. Jared decided to go water skiing which was awesome. He stripped down to his trunks which was even more awesome and rode the open seas to with a captivated audience.
For lunch we docked the boat at some Thai restaurant.  Amy and I found a bigger boat and took a tour of it. I felt  like a pirate. Then we joined the rest of the gang had tons of drinks, awesome food except for Joe’s pet store tasting salad, someone slipped me a percocet and after that things get kind of blurry.
I remember swiping our left over drinks off the tables in the restaurant with the girl who owned the boat and taking them with us on the boat, Cole and Jared kissing, Cole pulling his pants down(he seriously has the cutest butt ever), trying to figure out plans for that night, being in the car, did I puke? Then waking up when we dropped the guys off at the hotel trying to say bye,  someone said, ” I hope you feel better” and me being so mortified. At that point I didn’t even know who was in the car or what the fuck happened from the time we left till now. This might be called a black out. Thank God for pictures.
The next morning the story was pretty much the same minus the part when Jack came over and said I was in bed in my shorts and bra and mumbling about wanting to puke. When I took the van back there were so many cigarette butts and beer cans. Goddammit, I said only 2 cigarette allowed.
In any case looking back on it was awesome. and I LOVE THE BLACK LIPS 4 EVA!!!!
Read the whole story in the Fall issue of Ladygunn.

(So hot)



(Don’t you just want to rub your cheek all up on this?)

(Cutest butt ever)

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