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Margie Plus ‘On The Scene’ With The Scarlet Opera

Host / Margie Plus

Photos / Harald Austad

Produced by / Hotttsauce Creative


For those of you who have not heard of The Scarlet Opera yet, please do yourself a favor and follow them on every platform immediately. The hunky ‘boy band’ consists of mega babe lead singer Luka Bazulka, Chance Taylor on guitar, bassist Daniel Zuker, Colin Kenrick on the keyboard, and Justin Siegal on drums.

Since dropping their debut EP ‘Comedy’ in March of this year, The Scarlet Opera are quickly becoming the hottest band in LA! The first time I heard Luka’s dreamy yet powerful voice was at LA Pride In The Park festival and I was instantly HOOKED. Not only did they have style but songs like ‘The Place To Be’ and ‘Riot’ had the whole crowd going wild. While the emotionally driven song ‘Alive’ literally brought me to tears IRL. It’s so refreshing to hear a band with songs with witty pop infused melodies that really make you feel something.

The new ‘It’  boys are currently on tour with Ava Max and I had the opportunity to sit down with the whole band at the iconic Fonda Theatre before the sold out Hollywood show.

When I walked into the ornamented lobby of the Fonda I was immediately greeted with smiles and hugs from the band, who were waiting for me to arrive before their soundcheck. All were dressed in very rocker chic attire and varying leathers. We decided to take our interview downstairs to the infamous green room where non other than bands like The Rolling Stones an Radiohead have haunted the halls. It doesn’t get any more rock star then that!

Margie: Ok so the first question is, I want to talk origin story. How did the scarlet opera come about? Who wants to start?

Colin: So I was basically working with artists at the time, I saw Luka basically perform at a warehouse by himself with the DJ and I just heard the voice and I just heard the voice that we all here. I thought he was going to be the biggest rock star on the planet and I wanted to be a part of it. So I asked him what he want in music and he said a band, and luckily I knew these guys. I called them and two days later we were in the basement of my mothers house writing music together. That was a couple for years ago.

Margie: So excitingly enough your first EP ‘Comedy just released in March of this year, I would love to hear what your guys favorite song is to perform live.

Daniel: Performing live ‘Big City Thing’

Luka: I would say ‘Alive ‘ for me because all of the dynamics of it, theres a journey you know.

Colin: ‘I Have Been Waiting’ actually has been my favorite playing on this tour.

Justin: Probably ‘Alive’ with ‘Riot’ as a close second.

Chance: ‘Riot’

Margie: Ok I’m glad yall said that because it is my favorite song so far!

Chance: Perfect!

Margie: Because it is my favorite, I would love to know how did that come about, what inspired that song? It obviously super intense in a lot of ways, if you know what I mean lol. But what inspired that I would love to do a little deep dive into the song!

Luka: I think it is inspired a lot by, I have this idea that when I go out to bars with my friends I would be the ringleader of the night sort of like this crazy, what the name of the lead actor in cabaret again? He was also in spy kids (giggling)?

Margie: Antonio Banderas?

Luka: No, but he is hott though! It doesn’t matter, no basically the ring leader of the night. Thats the basically the premise of that. And also sort of an introduction to ‘The Scarlet opera’ and the kind of nights we want to be having with our audiences and friends and fans.

Margie: If you haven’t streamed ‘Riot’ yet, stream it now! Because it will be on your playlist and when you play it, it will make you really happy! Back to you Luka, as a singer myself I can appreciate your voice transcends I wanna say like time and space. Its mesmerizing its like super impressive. What got you into music? What inspired you to sing.

Luka: Im trying to thing, I have just been doing it for so long, since I was a little kid and one of my first professional gigs was in New York City when I was 9 years old and I opened up for a drag show. I didn’t know it was a drag show at the time, but it was a cabaret drag show and I sang somethings from Petes Dragon and I just remember being on the stage and being like ‘ I would love to captivate an audience like this every night’.

Margie: I can just imagine like 9 year old you ready for showtime, jazz hands out, at a ‘CABARET’ with the stage and the lights dancing around.

Luka: It literally was that!

Margie: Luka, you are an openly Queer artist, do you have any words of inspiration to queer youth who want to be in the spotlight, want to do music, and be in the industry but are a little scared?

Luka: I mean, absolutely go for it always! I think that especially in the last few years we have had the blessing of a lot of wonderful queer artists kick doors down and that is not lost on me. And so I would say to quote our song ‘Alive’ which is my favorite part to sing to the audience with my whole GUT and HEART every night is ‘Do what you want, and get what you can!’

Margie: I love that and want that tattooed on me! Like Imagine? That would be iconic.

Colin: (shows off cursive tattoo on forearm) I have our lyrics ‘Keep The Party Alive’ on me so..

Margie: Yasss! Love that. So you this is not your first show on tour with Ava Max, so how has it been and do you have any tour rituals?

Daniel: I mean its been fantastic, Ava is an absolute sweetheart, she’s been so generous and the team that she is surrounded by have been so welcoming. Its been a DREAM to be on this tour. A ritual that we do is have a little dance party!

Luka: Yup, just to like warm up our bodies and then we dance with each other one by one!

Colin: Luka actually has very specific rules for these dance parties?

Luka: Do you remember them?

Colin: Of course! It’s levels. Every 30 seconds dance with somebody new and you gotta try something new each time.

Luka: They are more like guidelines, soft guidelines LOL.

Margie: Yeah soft guidelines that are like written in gold. J/k. How long have you all known each other?

Luka: 7 years

Colin: Yeah like 6 or 7 years, Chance was the last one to join and that was 6 years ago, and I have know justing since high school, probably even earlier, we went to Calabasas High School in the valley. And then me, Danny, and Luka went to college together as well.

Margie: Oh my gosh so you are like a legit family, which I love because it is so organic, you all knew each other and loved the music.

Luka: Getting all emotional!

Margie: I know, moving on lol. Ok so obviously going on tour with Ava Max is iconic but who is a dream artist for each of you to tour with. Like who’s next? Lets put it out there internet because you never know.

Colin: Dead or living?

Margie: Alive because we want it to happen! LOL We are manifesting.

Daniel: 1975

Chance: (looks at Luka) was one of yours going to be Florence And The Machine?

Luka: OMG!

Chance: (laughs) We have been talking about that a lot!

Justin: Man I don’t know honestly, maybe like a legacy act like Todo or Areomith or something like that.

Colin: Bring the microphone close for this one because I am going to steal Luka’s number two choice. Miley Cyrus! If you are listening right now the scarlet opera wants to open for you ok? You heard it here first!

Luka: Ok I actually have a tie for third, actually all three of these women of course! I think Lizzo would be really fun.

Margie: Omg cute she’s my friend, lizzo girl hit them up! That would be so cute.

Daniel: we literally warm up to her baselines.

Luka: We dance to her!

Margie: Love that! Its time for a little game of quickfire. LA or NY?

Daniel: LA

Luka: New York

Colin: LA

Justin: LA


Margie: Wow. Ok I guess its just me and my squirrel friend Luka over here and we pick New York!  Next question, Beyonce or Rihanna?

Daniel: Beyonce

Luka: I cant pick! That wrong no I cant there is so much pressure!

Margie: I get it its a little sacrilegious but RIHANNA FOR LIFE!

Luka: Ok Beyonce because she is putting music out and Rihanna well, we would love more.

Colin: Rihanna, sadly to say it.

Chance: Beyonce

Justin: Probably Rihanna.

Margie: And the Rihanna’s have it! Ok next, Ice Cream or Pizza?

Daniel: Ice Cream all day

Luka: Pizza

Colin: Pizza

Chance: I’m vegan but, Ice Cream thats dairy free.

Justin: I would do dairy free ice cream, or pizza if not!

Colin: you cant pick both thats not how it works.

Luka: It wasn’t Beyonce and Rihanna OK!

Margie: Ok that is a wrap on our quickfire questions. What is next for The Scarlet Opera, what can we expect.

Luka: More music, absolutely more music, we have an EP that is on the way and ready for release. And  more shows, Nothing finalized yet but many many more shows.

Later that night I got to see them play the iconic Fonda theatre to a packed audience. The band members entered the stage in all red and black attire while Luka came out last. During the unveil he revealed the statement crop top exposing his super ripped body, red trousers tucked into tall cream flat-form boots accessorized with a large ruffle tulle boa and black sunglasses. It was giving major ROCKSTAR vibes!

They started their set with my favorite song ‘Riot’! I must not have been the only one who’s favorite song was ‘Riot’ because the whole crowed was dancing and singing along at the top of their lungs. They kept the same energy through out their whole set even surprising the audience with a powerful cover of Tina Turner’s ‘Whats Love Got To Do With It’. They ended the magnificent show with a captivating performance of their song ‘Alive’ which got a resounding standing ovation.

I had such a great time with The Scarlet Opera and I hope you enjoyed getting to know them more! Stay tuned for the next Margie Plus ‘On The Scene’! And don’t forget to follow me on social @margieplus!

                                                                                                                                                xoxo Margie

Check out our exclusive images from the show below:





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