VIDEO PREMIERE: BECA / "METEOR" Shot by Angelo Kritikos

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Recording artist BECA teams up with celeb photographer Angelo Kritikos on METEOR.

We love your song and video for Meteor! Can you spill some backstory on the lyrics behind the song? 
Hey thanks! I wrote the song “Meteor” in about an hour in the studio. I came in with the first few lines for the first verse, which I had written down one night when I was feeling lonely at a party (“how could you, how could you risk this…”), and then the rest of the words and melody just kind of instantly downloaded. It’s about a passionate love affair that turns into a dark, devastating heartbreak. At the time, I was in love with someone who would suddenly show up out of nowhere after disappearing for awhile, and it was very confusing. The meteor represents someone who is capable of bringing out the entire spectrum of emotions both the best and the worst, who can create and destroy. The song examines what happens when we ignore our deeper instincts.
People may not know that you also heavily produced your upcoming album on your own. How did you get started producing? 
I got my hands on a cracked copy of Logic while I was studying at Juilliard and some of my producer friends kind of coached me on how to get started. They also had a recording studio full of gear in Long Island City where we’d often go super late after a night of dancing to play around with different drum machines and analog keyboards. Soon after that, I was commissioned to write a piece for electric violin with a dancer wearing a midi bodysuit. So that was kind of the beginning. I’m still learning and flexing my production chops and it’s something I’d like to keep developing and experimenting with.
Where do you feel most creatively fulfilled? Writing, producing, playing live, etc? 
I have to say that I love the entire process from taking an idea, bringing it to life in the studio, and then actualizing it on stage in front of an audience who can then react to it. Depending on where I am in that cycle, my focus tends to shift. Since I’ve spent so much time in the studio recently, right now I’m most interested in playing a lot more shows, getting people to dance, and being lost in the moment with them. But like, in a really good way.
Describe your personal style. 
Futuristic disco glam with a dark edge.
You brought us into your own world in this music video. What was the inspiration behind the visuals? 
I wanted to create something raw and emotional like the song and was lucky enough to meet director/photographer Angelo Kritikos. We clicked instantly and got really excited about all the synergy that was happening. We shared tons of creative references and went location scouting. It became this kind of “Dark Malibu” themed video shoot – set in a crazy dream world with these moody atmospheres, going from focused to blurry like someone who is having trouble seeing straight through their tears. In order to get that soft, hazy lighting, we decided to start shooting in the early morning. The entire day was a big adventure and ended up improvising quite a bit. For example, we ended up at Point Dume by complete accident and it worked out beautifully. The lighting didn’t quite turn how expected so we somehow ended up shooting in a bathtub inside, with me completely covered in glitter. But it made perfect sense because where else can you be your most vulnerable self? Naked in your bathtub, all alone.
Spill some deets on your upcoming album. 
My debut LP “Ecliptic “ will be available on October 22nd, 2015 when the Orionid Meteor Shower is at it’s peak viewing time. Morgan Wiley from Midnight Magic co-produced it with me at his studio in Brooklyn, NY. Each single, video, remix, from the album is being released on a celestial event. It was inspired by someone special in my life who used to tell me stories about the constellations. Tonight is the night when Mercury is at its Greatest Eastern Elongation. It’s the best time to view Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the evening sky. The definition “mercurial” describes someone who is subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind. And this is why I wanted to release the “Meteor” video today.

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