UNA MIA Soars High with Debut EP “AIRBORNE”

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UNA MIA undoubtedly embodies all that it means to be your own hero. Her music is the perfect combination of alt-R&B and pop, marked by soothing melodies and intoxicating lyrics. In her latest EP, “AIRBORNE,” UNA encapsulates her experience in music. In this beautiful collection of songs, she navigates her way through adolescence into early adulthood while discovering her sense of self along the way.

UNA MIA was born in Toronto but later moved to Belleville where she was raised by her mother, a first-generation immigrant from Bosnia. UNA grew up in a soundscape rich with cultural tapestry. She was usually in contact with Balkan folk music, blues, and R&B. All these sounds formed the foundation of her musical identity. Artists such as Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles were some of the names that she looked up to when growing up and later influenced her own sonic development. Her talent blossomed at a young age, nurtured by classical voice lessons and showcased through local competitions in theater and opera. Now all this talent is ready to burst in the shape of an EP. 

For her debut production, UNA MIA has devoted herself to creating her most honest and vulnerable songs. “AIRBORNE” was written following the style of diary entries to transmit the sensation of personal reflection and evolution, which tells an emotionally engaging story. 

The 7-track project highlights the power of its narrative. Each track serves as a chapter in her personal odyssey, navigating the complexities of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood and forging a unique identity as she enters her 20s. Through profound introspection, it dissects the complexities of self-discovery, confronting the constraints of cultural and familial expectations. This deeply personal anthem resonates with anyone who’s ever felt the urge to take control of their destiny, a sentiment all too familiar during those crucial coming-of-age years.

“AIRBORNE” also boldly tackles the pressure to please others and the ever-present search for purpose. Most importantly, the EP is proof of resilience and self-belief. UNA MIA invites listeners to take control of their destiny and find the courage to chase their dreams through example. 

“‘AIRBORNE’ is about being your own hero and finding your own sense of self. As a young woman navigating her early twenties, it can feel like you’re always in the bumpy search of fulfilling your purpose and trying to make the best decisions. For me personally, I had to let go of people-pleasing and the fear of being judged for following my dreams. This project represents me taking flight in my life and allowing myself to be seen.” 


The EP’s focus track, “Nothin,” comes along with a stunning music video that perfectly complements the project’s themes. Praised by audiences for its captivating visuals, the video showcases UNA MIA’s artistic evolution and burgeoning confidence.



UNA MIA will take the sensations of her music to the stage. She will perform her debut headline show at The Drake Underground in her beloved hometown,  Toronto on October 4th, 2024. Besides, she will participate in the Corona Capital Festival lineup this Fall in Mexico City. So don’t miss the opportunity to be blown away by the talent of this rising star and buy your tickets now. 

With “AIRBORNE,” UNA MIA establishes herself as a rising star to watch.  Her powerful vocals, relatable lyrics, and genre-bending sound will definitely mesmerize fans of alternative R&B and pop. The EP serves as a launchpad for what promises to be a bright future for this talented artist.




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