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Capitol Records (Release: October 2, 2012)


Singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman creates the ultimate heartbreak recovery with her third studio album titled Cedar & Gold. Chronicling the emotions and thoughts that had been bottling up inside her from numerous rough spots in her life over the last few years, the album is full of depth and honest storytelling with her laid-back vocals and earthy pop-rock and acoustic guitars. “I Was Gonna Marry You” is a beautiful musical and lyrical depiction of the ending of an engagement, while “My Oh My” is a playful anthem about not being able to shake someone from the past. Occasionally, Prettyman will even throw in a little bit of silliness like on the song “The Rebound”, finding herself enthralled with someone she met at the produce stand. So, while sadness is an underlying theme in Cedar & Gold, the album’s overall tone is more freeing and cathartic than anything else.

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