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We included them in our best of SXSW roundup a few months ago, so if you aren’t familiar with the synth-pop duo, Violet Days, now’s your chance to get with it ahead of their EP release next month. With the release of their third single, “Leave But Don’t Go,” you’ll likely find a piece of yourself in the lyrics and also likely dancing along to undeniable bop.

Besides the tune having stellar 80’s-inspired synth production and a pop vocal to match, lead singer and front woman Lina says, the song was written after talking about mental health with band mate and producer Kris Eriksson, “and how difficult it can be to some days to explain how you feel when somebody asks you. I’ve been very lucky to have someone around on those days that understands that if I say “leave,” it most certainly means “don´t go”…[It’s] complicated like that,” she says.
“Leave But Don’t Go,” the third single, is a pretty, yet catchy ode to “that special someone who is always there for you, who ensures you that everything will be alright,” she adds.
The track will likely dig a comfy place in your brain and stay there a while, so might as well not fight it and sing along on repeat to Violet Days’ “Leave But Don’t Go.”

When you write do you use personal experiences or draw from others?
Lina: I always write about personal experiences, it´s a therapeutic thing for me. Sometimes some truths are easier to say in a song than to speak them. I try to stay as honest as I can in the lyrics, I might spice it up a little bit from time to time but it always comes from a real place.
Your EP, “Made In My Head” is about to be released next month — what are you most excited about? What song are you most excited for people to hear?
Lina: I’m excited for people to hear the whole thing, and discover the story of the EP, the characters and how they tell the story in both songs and visuals. We included soundscapes here and there to give a vibe of environment and hopefully get you in the right mood when you listen to it. I won’t say more than that 🙂  

“Your Girl” has over 13M spins on Spotify — how does that make you feel?
Lina: Of course it feels amazing, and honestly surreal to imagine that many people listened to ONE song, it’s insane! I hope we can get the same love for the EP.
What’s next for you?
Lina: We’re heading to LA in November and December and going to do some promo and shows around there.  Also we’re back in the studio writing on new material which we are very excited about!



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