TRACK PREMIERE: Pheeyownah – "Scent/Sweat"

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Pheeyownah’s music wears the listener like velvet that sinks into your skin.
The Swedish/Ugandan multi-faceted artist creates atmospheric tunes that are meant to be felt, heard and touched. They are rich, heavy tones infused that conceive spacious industrial panoramas that house you in their world.
“Scent/Sweat” premiering today is just a city of Pheeyownah’s glistening soundscape and a perfect track for anyone who has an itch they are dying to scratch. It’s the score for the love that still lingers long after the subject has passed leaving you with a ghost of a heart.
The artist says, “Scent/Sweat is about getting rid of the scent of someone you no longer want in your life. Even though it’s been years since you’ve departed, the scent still lingers on and haunts you and the only way to get rid of it is to sweat it out of your system.”

photos / Stacy Mukasa

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