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Aadae‘s music comes out like an ethnographic study in gorgeous song. The musician was born in Nigeria and raised in Peckham, England. Her songwriting is a history weaved into melodies and sing-alongs. You can hear tales of family parties filled with high life Afrobeats. Her nights in South London dancing all night in a UK garage, being by herself and falling in and out of love.
The impact songwriting can have has been apparent to the musician to her in her private and professional life. She spent her summer on the road doing festival performances like Green Man, Latitude, All Points East, and playing in a tribute to Nelson Mandela in Australia. All the while she was making music that  incorporated her experiences beautifully.
“Carousel Horses” remixed by notable London DJ Yukka, premiering today is the more vulnerable track offered by popstress. Aadae describes the single as “representing that sinking feeling when everything appears to be moving but you feel really stuck and static – It’s like you are riding a burning carousel with no pause button…I guess it’s always fun in the beginning but then eventually all the lights burn out’.
Of remixing the track Yukka says, “I wanted to focus on the hypnotic and repetitive feel of the original by keeping the instrumentation to a minimum and exposing the bare elements of the track. The shuffling drums and lead vocal take center stage, and as the remix progresses more ethereal and hazy textures are introduced to create a dreamlike atmosphere.”
The track was inspired by the repetition and the stagnate feelings that come with Ex’s, but Aadae’s journey is about moving upward  and onwards to a nice destiny and distinctive sound.




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