The Reign of EDM Queen: How VASSY Continues to Dominate the Music Scene

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When you first let VASSY guide you into the worlds she weaves with her music, you quickly begin realizing why her artistic name is held with such high regard in the EDM scene. VASSY is a highly acclaimed artist in the music industry, having won the esteemed EDMA Icon Award and achieved multi-platinum status. Her immense talent and undeniable presence make it impossible to overlook her influence and contributions.

Though VASSY is primarily an ‘indie pop’ artist with an impressive range of genres to play with, her collaborations with renowned artists such as David Guetta and the living legend Tiësto, have solidified her position as ‘the Queen of EDM’, a title she seems more than willing to defend while not letting it define or pigeonhole her as an artist.

Her most recent LP, “Supreme,” is a testament to her unique style and limitless creativity. This seven-track project delves into themes of resilience, self-discovery, and empowerment, offering a fresh perspective on navigating the complexities of the music industry. With tracks featured on popular TV shows and singles like “KRAZY” making waves on the charts, VASSY’s music continues to enchant audiences worldwide, leaving a lasting impact with its infectious energy and undeniable charm.


What inspired the creation of your latest LP, “Supreme”? The name feels very meaningful, ominous even!

I think the album reflects the current chapter of my life.  I’m feeling very supreme at the moment. And I don’t mean that in a righteous way, but more so that I am at peace with myself, and the decisions of who I am and what I choose to do with my time and energy.  


How does it feel to have your music featured in popular TV shows?


It’s wonderful. I love it when my songs get featured on TV shows. It attracts a whole different audience and exposes you to a new fan base. And it’s fun to see your song in the background of a TV show, as the theme song for a campaign or the ending credits song. It’s just lots of fun. I always joke around and say – because my song was the theme song for a Disney film called ‘Frozen’, which won an Oscar – I say technically I’m an Oscar winner… cashing in on that one big time haha. 


In recent years EDM in general has been taking a turn, with more and more female producers entering the arena, let’s talk a bit about that. What can you tell us about your experience finding acceptance in the genre, has sexism come up in the discussion much?


Yes, it is certainly a boys club genre. It’s difficult and has been and still is for many of us. I always say it’s a boys club, but it’s a woman’s world. LOL. For me, I’m not only not a boy but I’m also not a DJ. So it’s even more difficult. I don’t know how I’ve come this far. It must say a lot about me. There are definitely double standards still to this day. It makes me very proud to see so many women entering the space and doing well. I think it’s a new time for women to take over EDM. 


Why do you think there’s not that many women producers and DJs? Women often dominate other musical genres and there’s a sizable female audience for electronic music. 


That’s interesting, you might have a point there. Perhaps because it’s such a techy niche? I think because it’s such a technical on-the-road type of job. I’m a woman, and as much as I can appreciate production and love a good DJ, I have no desire to do it. I enjoy the craft making of the song, the melody, the lyrics, and the storytelling, delivering it to an audience.    


Do you feel as though there’s a marked difference in sound and ethos between men and women making electronic music?


Perhaps, I would have to look at this more closely. I think a lot of women who make EDM music also sing and pick up DJing as a way to build their brand and get more bookings, so I guess they bring more of a melodic songwriting approach to it. 


You’re so much more than EDM, and I think it really shows in this LP where you stand out as a pop powerhouse as well. Do you feel like there’s more of that to explore? Is EDM the perfect “base” to explore new sounds?


I started in music as an indie-pop artist. I was never really an EDM artist – though I wrote and performed on two of the biggest songs in EDM history, which ultimately helped define a sound and a movement at the time. I think that instantly put me on the EDM global map, giving me the Queen of EDM title, which I very much like and appreciate the honor. I think it goes back to how hard it is for women in EDM, so I am proud I have been able to sustain and hold my own. But I make all sorts of music, from dance-pop records to EDM, to indie pop, jazz, and so on. I truly love music and song-making. I love making acoustic renditions of my big EDM hits for the fans, stripped back from all the production…so they can see that a good song will shine through despite all the production tricks… and is simply a song and can translate into any genre. 


What can fans anticipate from the upcoming Disco Fries remix of your track “Supreme”?

A cool dark electro version of the quirky indie pop vibes of Supreme. I love remixes. I love how they give a song a new life. 


How did the collaboration with Disco Fries for the remix come about, and what was the collaboration process like?


I’ve known the boys for a few years now and we have had success on previous records that went #1, Pieces with Bingo Players & Concrete Heart. So I knew they would deliver and bring something fresh and different to the song.


How do you see your music evolving in the future, and what aspirations do you have for your career moving forward?


My songs are going to continue to evolve. I’m going to make great records – beautiful inspiring songs for my fans and people that appreciate my music. I am known for a certain sound and it’s very moving to me when people reach out and tell me they have been listening to me for years and love all my material or are big fans of my voice. It’s just very special to be able to connect with people all over the world in that way. So for them, I will continue to make music to honor them and show my appreciation.

Photos: Anna Azarov


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