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SURFBORT like most artists were affected by the global pandemic but not like you would have thought. “Being in the pandemic quarantine we were shocked at seeing the kids on You Tube and TikTok still partying like there was no tomorrow is what inspired us to do our upcoming single,” says, lead-singer, Dani Miller.  “Mostly, it is a pleasure that after working with the band and being able to see both sides of the coin, of the realness and truth in sobriety and the realness and truth in getting fucked up and all it reveals. I’m so grateful that I can participate and tap into the fucked up side that will never go away, but do it from a clean sober caring perspective cuz it’s honestly better. We’re making sicker shit and if you’re curious, reach out because it’s a better way of doing shit and making shit,” exclaims guitarist, Matt Picola.

With this sentiment in mind SURFBORT’s “WHITECLAW ENEMA BONG HIT” was that band’s satiric answer to how the young were responding in the pandemic which became their upcoming new single that will release on July 29th as a lead up to the bands forthcoming anticipated album to be released on September 24th. “This song is about clowning on the dangerous, ignorant, toxic, abusive, death trip that is mass black out drinking. Party culture is rad, but it’s also literally destroying tons of random lives for the most cynical corporate interests on earth,” growls guitarist Matt Picola.

The band also has reflected this in their upcoming video with a mix of striking, aggressive but fun images that tell the story line of their satire look at “WHITE CLAW ENEMA BONG HIT.”  “Matty Picola, our guitarist is, getting fed sparkling water through a beer bong by Nick Arnold our bassist and it completely explodes. What an amateur.  Our whole band is sober, but we definitely had super gnarly periods of time where we partied hard so we just drew inspiration from those times,” cackles, Dani Miller.   Also in a nod to how Miller felt about her growing up punk culture she wanted to shadow that in the visuals as well.  “I’m super gender fluid. I feel like part of me is a bro skater boi and so I let that super masculine side of me come out. Most of the time I dress like a skater boy, but for the video I went all out with harsh judgmental skate dude at the park vibes!  I wanted the ending to be like two dudes that are scared of their intimate homoerotic side bumping into each other at a party and getting super agroand are about to fight then realizing they were disguising their love for each other with aggression and start making out!” says Miller. Model, Ashely Smith plays the other frat dude whom they have made out a ton in real life, but for this I did a making out style as what I would think a bro would do aggressive and sloppy. hahaha,” shouts Dani. The video also features a cameo stunt man Zackass  who is also featured in the upcoming Jackass Forever movie.



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