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Do you recall those fuzzy, butterflies-in-your-stomach days of teenage longing? Or perhaps you’re experiencing them right now?
Indie Australian singer-songwriter and producer Hoodlem, who’s currently based in Toronto (the breeding ground for experimental electronica from the likes of Alice Glass), oozes high school-era infatuation on her latest glassy single, “Teenager,” premiering exclusively on LADYGUNN.
A warm, mellow slice of synth-infused future R&B, the track is an ode to the fizzy youthful feeling of lust and puppy love. Over a flurry of smooth, jazzy caramel beats, “Teenager” finds Hoodlem cooing, “I wanna know you / I wanna know all about you / Lay your teenage love on me.”
It’s soulful, sticky-sweet synth-pop that perfectly captures the fleeting feeling from our youth, much like a butterfly in a jar. Listen below:

Co-produced by Hoodlem, GXNXVS and Yeo, “Teenager” is the title track off the artist’s forthcoming EP, due out this spring.



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