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photo / Charles Hall
story / Koko Ntuen


You like a little twang in your rock and roll? You like hot dudes who have a good time playing music, sound good and are also brothers? Well I got just the thing for you. Meet Brown Shoe, LA based band brothers, Aaron, Bryson, Ryan and Landon Baggaley. Their music has intelligent riffs, introspective lyrics and rhythms that you can sway to in a bar or rock quietly to on your bed while clutching a pillow and thinking about your ex.

“Lonely Beast” is the title track from Brown Shoe’s upcoming full length and is the perfect song to get lost in. The intro definitely draws you in and makes you feel like you are the main character in an indie drama having a breakthrough moment. Just close your eyes and imagine, trust me you will feel it. The song itself is a powerful ballad that tugs at the heart strings while being an easy jam to listen to. It’s a song you can play on repeat but delve too deep into the lyrics and you might shed a tear or two. Especially on a day like today.
Brown Shoe will release Lonely Beast in and innovative three parts over the course of 2014. Part I is coming out April 8th Part II &Part III will come along in the spring and summer of 2014. Till then hang around to this song and fantasize about one of the brothers wiping away your tears. 🙂


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