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Some artists are rarer than a diamond and shine just as bright – Sara Diamond definitely has the name to tell you that she is her own kind of precious gem. This pop artist from Montreal is sure to cut right through to the core of whatever she is singing about with irresistible rhythms and sage songwriting.

With her newest song “Sunday,” Sara brings sunshine inside wherever you may be passing the time right now. “Sunday” is a breath of fresh air and a much welcomed walk in the park. With lyrics that reflect the feeling so many of us have in moments where we don’t know what we are doing or why we are doing it. The song looks at how it can feel like life is on a countdown or stop-watch not of our own design. “Sunday” manages to ask some of life’s more challenging questions without bringing you down, instead just stating them as part of life’s ride alongside an upbeat tempo to keep things moving. The self-reflection packed into a song under three minutes is a true show of skill on Sara’s part.

Sara’s voice is soul-warming with a raspy undertone that is gooseflesh inducing as it spills from your headphones or speakers. Sara is one of those artists who comes along rarely mixing talent, skill, and soul into her songs seemingly effortlessly. Get to know what Sara’s perfect Sunday involves, how she found her sound and her views on the pressures of life below.

Why did you get into music?

I’ve always loved singing. I did a ton of activities as a kid, and even though I was given the opportunity, I didn’t want to commit to one full time. But when a girl from my school started performing around Montreal and pursuing music as a career, I thought hey, this is something you can do! So I gave up the other activities and started focusing solely on singing.

Was Diamond a birth given name or did you take it on as a stage name when you started as an artist?

Birth name! I actually thought of changing it at one point because it was almost too stagey, but I decided to stick with it.

Do you feel pressure to do things by a certain age or certain time? Do you think pressure makes us better or does it get in the way?

I definitely do, but it’s all self-imposed. I internalize things that I’ve heard throughout the industry, about age being a factor, but I think that mold is breaking. At the end of the day, the older you get, the more you experience, and the more of that experience you can inject into your art. I realize that I’m still so young, so when I have moments of doubt I just remind myself of some of my favourite artists who only started to pop off later in life. In terms of if it makes us better or if it gets in the way, I think it’s all about perspective, and about how you let it fuel you. I try to use it to fuel me creatively.

How do you deal with the moments you feel out of your depth in life?

Honestly it’s pretty challenging in those moments to not spiral, but I’ve found that listening to music, or connecting with a loved one can put things into perspective. I want to do so much and am emotionally impacted by what goes on in the world, and there are many times when I feel I either don’t know enough to help or don’t have the skills to get where I want to go. I have to remind myself that all we have is time, and it’s how we use that time that defines where we go and what we are able to do.

What does your perfect Sunday involve?

Hmm. Coffee, music, loved ones, and sunshine.

Do you have a favorite lyric from “Sunday”?

“Who do we hurt when we win”. I think that line has been a constant thought of mine for the past few years, something that pops up whenever I’m making a decision or learning something new. The world wasn’t built for fairness- and I think certain practices and norms are embedded in our lives without us even being aware of them. It’s when we become aware that we can actively make choices to help as many people as we can, instead of blindly following what we’re shown and consuming for the sole purpose of consuming.

You live in Montreal, what is the most beautiful place there and how did you find it?

There’s a park near where I grew up, and at the beginning of spring, the most beautiful blue flowers grow in the grass. They bring me back to childhood, and they’re beautiful to look at (and smell!)

Now that we are all stuck inside, are there any new thought processes, hobbies, or favorite artists you would like to share?

I’ve been learning more about Logic and Ableton (I can’t choose!) since quarantine started. I’m used to working with producers who track my vocals, but I’ve been spending this time learning how to do it myself.

I’ve fallen in loooove with Baby Rose’s voice during quarantine. Definitely a favourite right now.

Speaking of everybody being stuck at home, do you feel that the world slowing down will be beneficial in any way?

It’s tough. Because realistically, the world is slowing down for those who have the privilege of accommodating to the changing times. I’m hoping that this time will shed light and actually bring change for those who are forced to keep working during this time. In terms of pay, healthcare, access to the luxury of a slowdown – that kind of thing. But I do believe that, yeah, people are able to practice routines and focus on what brings them happiness now, which is important. For me personally, it’s also helping me reconnect with my friends and family whom I didn’t speak to that regularly before this all happened.

You have an incredibly tailored sound, how did you start to find that and how did you find confidence to share it?

Thank you! Honestly I still think I’m honing it, but I guess just by being as honest as I can be in each moment. The voice expresses what you’re feeling, and I’m always feeling quite a bit, so it’s just been a progression of that.

What do you hope people take away from “Sunday”?

I hope people take away that we’re all equally human on a spinning ball of rock. And that no one really has it all figured out.



photos / Audolita

story / Weslee Kate

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