“PRITTY” by Your Future Ghost Is a Vibrant Fusion of Synth-Pop and Rock

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Few sounds are as invigorating as the fusion of synth-pop and rock, and the latest single from Your Future Ghost titled “PRITTY” exemplifies this exhilarating combination with aplomb.

Your Future Ghost is the new musical project of the singer, songwriter, musician, and actress Kate Voegele and the multifaceted composer, producer, composer, and actor Michael Grubbs, who present listeners with an original sound proposal.

“PRITTY” emerges as an explosive indie dance party anthem that skillfully fuses elements of new wave, punk, and electro-pop, resulting in a mix that is as nostalgic as it is refreshing and innovative.


From the moment the infectious beat begins, “PRITTY” grabs the listener’s attention and refuses to let go. Voegele’s commanding vocals rise above a backdrop of pulsing synths and powerful guitars, creating a sense of urgency and excitement.

About the song, Kate confides that “PRITTY” “is about being a little unhinged but also irresistible. You’re self-aware enough to know you’re kind of a mess, but you’re also not sorry about it because you’re a goddamned blast to have around. It’s kind of about just knowing that the weirdest thing about you is probably also the coolest thing about you, and not being afraid to celebrate that even if it makes some people mad or uncomfortable.”

The lyrics reflect the nuances of human behaviors with lines like:  “It’s creeping in through the crack in the ceiling / I watch it drip down the wall /  Hysteria, oh, oh what a feeling / Crashing in like a waterfall” capturing the tumultuous nature of love and desire.

The chorus, with its repetition of  “I know it’s not pretty when I get like this / But I’m so pretty you put up with it / But you’re not ready for it”, serves as a reminder of how we sometimes push the boundaries of emotions when we’re in a relationship. The beat of the song invites listeners to let loose on the dance floor, while the infectious melody ensures it stays in the mind long after the music stops. 

With its vibrant energy, thoughtful lyricism, and infectious melody, “PRITTY” is sure to leave listeners eagerly anticipating what Your Future Ghost has in store next.


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