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The music world has a new masked wonder on its hands with infectious pop duo BIZU BIZU. LADYGUNN premieres the mysterious twosome’s debut single, “Ur Secret”, streaming everywhere today. It’s an instant indie bop with melancholic undertones filled with unrequited love and down-low romance. “Guess I’ll be your secret” the song croons in its hyper-pop, electronica drawl. Think  Smashing Pumpkins and Phoenix had a sulky queer love child with Nasty Cherry and Bladee. The musicians have chosen to remain anonymous for now, wishing to be referred to simply as Bizu B and Bizu C. “Fame is corny,” says Bizu C.  They both have numerous accolades in multiple disciplines, including successful projects in music, fashion, film, music videos, and commercials. This project for them is about exploring different sides of ourselves without the pressure of being perceived. “It’s about friendship.” The Bizus interview each other below.

Bizu B: Hi Bizu C

Bizu C: Hi Bizu B

Bizu B: How are you today?

Bizu C: I’m good. how are you?

Bizu B: I’m great. Are you excited about the release of our first ever single?

C: I’m really excited. I can’t wait for it to come out and for people to listen, or not listen. I just want it to be out in the world. What about you? Are you excited?

B: I’m really excited too. I think it’s such a great pop song and it really captures that feeling of being, like, young and queer and having a crush and feeling conflicted.

C: Right. It’s definitely a pop genre-bending song with queer elements, and I personally have never heard any music that is queer-centered that isn’t like a gimmick.

B: Oh, this isn’t a gimmick?

C: No.

B: Oh, I thought it was. This whole time I’ve been approaching this like it was a gimmick.

C: Yeah, no, I thought we said we weren’t gonna do the gimmick thing.

B: OK. So what music are you listening to at the moment?

C: Great question. Fun question. Charli [XCX]’s album just came out which is great. Bladee and Ecco[2k] just released a new album which I’m very excited about. I’ve been draining extra hard to that. I’ve been listening to a lot of, you know, R&B but also things that I can pull inspiration from lately. What are you listening to?

B: Well, I was listening to the new Charli album also. And this morning on my way over here I was listening to the Ray of Light album for like production inspiration. It’s really good.

C: My vape just ran out.

B: Here have some of mine. I’ve been listening to DOSS.

C: OK, love DOSS. Puppy slaps so hard.

B: So hard. I’ve been listening to, like, Bill Evans Trio.

C: Who is that?

B: He’s a jazz legend. He died. OK, if you were stranded on a desert island what five albums would you bring.

C: Oh OK, I like this kind of stuff. The five albums I would bring… I would definitely bring the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” album just cause it means a lot to me. I would bring the first Third Eye Blind album. I would also bring “Now, That’s What’s I Call Music Volume 4”. Wait, how many albums do I have left?

B: Two more.

C: Then I think I also would bring the first Spice Girls album. Then it would have to be something to bring me way down, to like mellow me out, you know, like  bossa nova or something. I’m just kidding. It would be like a Slowdive or like  Bedhead maybe Galaxy 500 something like that. What about you?

B: I would bring “Since I Left You” by the Avalanches cause it has like 5000 samples on it so it’s kind of like bringing 5000 albums.

C: Smart. Smart Girl.

B: I would bring “Homogenic” by Björk. “Mama’s Gun” by Erykah Badu, “Discovery” by Daft Punk, in case I need to have like a dance party by myself.

C: Work

B: … and “Voodoo” by D’Angelo.

C: I don’t think I heard that album.

B: Oh my God, it’s everything.

C: OK, work. What are you most excited about with this project and like when can we expect to hear more music?

B: I am excited that it’s like kind of a blank slate and we’re still figuring out what we’re doing and there’s like a sense of playfulness about it that we’re still defining our sound. It’s like Natasha Bedingfield said best, “the rest is still unwritten”.

C: So true, Bestie.

B: What about Bizu Bizu are you most excited about?

C: I think with this project I’m most excited about, you know, it’s a new adventure…  Have you ever been in a group before?

B: Like, musically speaking?

C: Wow!

B: Well, I was in choirs and stuff when I was a kid and when I was 12 I was in this pop band with three other kids that would go to schools and like sing about safety. Have you?

C: I don’t know if I ever told you about this but I used to be in a kids group called “Not Too Busy For Kids”, were we sang and then I was in a rap group with a very woke but inappropriate name. So like, been woke.

B: Wow! Tell me more about that.

C: I’d rather not. So, yeah, what I’m most excited about is for me it’s something new. It’s a new art that I get to do and I am excited that I get to do it with my Bestie. And it is playful and it’s fun. It’s a new experience in our friendship that we get to have.

B: Totally. So, we decided to call the EP “Himbo Pop”. What are your thoughts around reclaiming the terms “bimbo” and “himbo” and how does that feel like culturally relevant right now?

C: I think with the social and political climate right now, that terms “himbo” and “bimbo”’s fun to just play around with. I feel like the adults and the GEN-Xers are so straight-laced and it’s like, you know, Get a job work as hard as you can blah blah blah and I don’t necessarily subscribe to that, you know? I don’t think you need to do that to be happy in life and I feel like a lot of younger people are waking up and realizing that. With Himbos and Bimbos, yeah, we have our airhead moments, but I don’t think we’re necessarily people without brains. In fact, I think they’re highly intelligent, they just have like fat asses and big tits.

B: Totally. Yeah, I think being a Himbo or a Bimbo doesn’t mean we’re not smart it just means we’ve decided to be less arrogant about our intelligence.

C: Oh my God, so true. It’s very pretentious for somebody to be very flaunty with their education. Do you know what I mean? Okay, I’ll be honest, It’s obnoxious. There’s no reason that you must use such flowery language to make such a small point.

B: I agree. Because at the end of the day language is about communication. And you can communicate your message with any vernacular that you’re comfortable with and, like, code switch, baby.

C: Period. I’ve been doing it my whole life. What is behind identity concealing? What’s the message? What are you trying to do with that?

B: You and I have talked about this before and we both kind of feel like fame is corny. At least the way fame is these days. And we’re all just being watched all the time and I think it hinders expression. Because we’re thinking about how we’re going to be perceived before we even explore. So being anonymous just opens so many creative doors.

C: Right. Like, imagine posting on your main account in 2022.

B: Could never.



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