Partners in crime Grace & Moji reckon with their inner “Monster”

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Grace & Moji‘s music is a testament to the power of different perceptions and the beauty that can emerge from fusing two sufficiently different outlooks into one singular purpose. Their unique backgrounds, which they blend seamlessly into their art, are a reflection of their shared experiences and the depth of their connection. Their music is a celebration of the human experience, exploring themes of love, loss, and redemption. With each new release, Grace & Moji continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in music, creating a sound that aims to be both timeless and contemporary, something that you’ll definitely hear in their newest song, “Monster”.


“Monster” is a song that explores the complexities of a relationship and the ups and downs that come with it. Grace & Moji are open and honest about the flaws that exist within themselves and their relationship, and they don’t shy away from the darker aspects of their experiences. The song emphasizes that even though there may be difficult moments, working through them can ultimately make a relationship stronger.


The harmonies created by Grace & Moji’s voices add depth to the song’s message. The gray areas between the extremes of light and dark are explored through their harmonies, reflecting the nuances of relationships. The song encourages listeners to work through difficult moments in their own relationships, emphasizing that these moments do not define a relationship but rather present an opportunity for growth and strengthening. The repetition of the word “monster” in the lyrics reinforces the idea that everyone has flaws, but facing them head-on can lead to positive outcomes. Overall, “Monster” is a powerful and relatable song that speaks to the complexities of relationships and the importance of working through difficult moments.


The “Monster” music video by Grace & Moji features visuals that complement the song’s themes perfectly. The rotating stage represents different moments in a person’s life, and the horror vibe is emphasized through color schemes and energetic choreography. Just Jet’s choreography adds a natural essence to Grace & Moji’s movements, while the man in the mask represents the monster they must confront. By the end of the video, they reach a resolution that shows how confronting one’s fears can lead to growth and acceptance, culminating in a playful and inspired toast between them and their monsters.


Grace Hong, who found solace in music as a child growing up in a broken home. She pursued her passion for music by studying classical piano and voice,  becoming enamored with the idea of creating and expressing herself through art. This lay dormant for a while as Grace pursued a career working in international development, Wall Street, and corporate leadership, but her artistic side didn’t stay in the back burner for long, obviously. In 2021, Grace launched her solo project under the name Nolo Grace. Her debut single, “Wake Up,” featuring Sean Kingston became a certified banger that cemented her now-signature sound, a blend of soulful R&B with electro-pop rhythms and a lyrical punch packed with tales of surmounting the odds. 


But that’s just one half of G&M, what about ‘Moji’? 


Martin Wave is a music producer and composer from Sweden. Martin developed a passion for music production at a young age and eventually became an award-winning, platinum-selling music producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. He has worked with numerous notable artists, accumulated hundreds of millions of streams on various platforms, and composed music for films, video games, and global brand campaigns. Martin’s impressive repertoire and success in the music industry are a testament to his talent and hard work. 





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