Milquetoast & Co. release Kate Bush Homage

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Milquetoast and Co. (pronounced milk-toast and company), is a six-part outfit based out of Denver. Broadly speaking, A band from the ‘Americana’ school, braiding together folk, rock, blues, and a touch of exuberant pop vernacular.

The resurgence in popularity of Kate Bush has set minds in motion. Artists have begun to re-examine their personal relationships with the highly influential musician, along with others from the period. With such an illustrious catalog of songs, perhaps it was high time some artists devoted themselves to covering the songs that meant the most to them, one such artist being James McAndrew of Milquetoast and Co. who chose “Army Dreamers” for special treatment in the band’s own style.

James McAndrew of Milquetoast and Co. “Army Dreamers” has walked beside him musically for the better part of his life. His sister introduced him to the institution that is Kate Bush, and this song always struck a chord in him that had to be manifested today with the release of this cover. “The chord progression to the chorus was incredible to me.  It was one of the first songs to really have that type of effect on me” he reveals, further adding:  “This song has been part of my musical DNA for as long as I have had any reaction to any music at all.” 

“Army Dreamers” is a fairly simple song about a very difficult topic. What do you say when a life has been scattered to ashes by the fires of war? What does a mother do with the loss of her child for some nebulous purpose that the harder she tries to understand, the more she will come to resent? “Tears over a Tin Box” is all, a life not yet 20 years old is cut short, and the dreams remain as a bitter reminder.

The Original track was released in September of 1980 and was infamously added to the BBC’s “Do Not Play” list just as the Gulf War broke out in the opening years of the following decade. Today, Milquetoast & Co. decided to not only pay homage to Miss Bush’s “anti-war” anthem but also to all those dreamers who have fallen in battle.

Story: LADYGUNN Staff Photos: Courtesy of the artist




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