Madi Diaz: The Part-Pop Americana Superstar

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story + pics / Ericka Clevenger

Last Wednesday I saw the talented Madi Diaz at the Satellite.  The melodic, Nashville-based musician is currently found walking the streets of Los Angeles, as she preps  for her new LP “We Threw Our Hearts In The Fire”.  Her last full length studio album was released on Small Horse Records, and produced by world renowned music producer John Alagia (Davie Matthews Band, John Mayer).
Madi Diaz having gained notoriety from her television placement, and indie credibility with her silly sweet voice that sets her aside from the pop indie princess soared at The Satellitle.  Part pop, part Americana she is recognized by many for both.   Little Plastic moon, staked of mature, perfectly crafted songs without completely letting go of the raw Americana spine of her background.  Her stage presence is minimal, yet engaging, and she drifts effortlessly in and out of vocal and production while  stepping back and forth from sad ballads into magnetic wails of strength from pain.
Sometimes performing with double microphones, and sometimes stepping out with only her voice;  her poignant tunes, and clever stories give you something to remember Madi Diaz by.  Many songs co-written with Kyle Ryan, a Nebraska Native who couldn’t join Madi on stage that night.   Being a Lincoln Nebraska Native myself, and a fellow Angelino, I felt compelled and satisfied with her show.
Joined by fellow Berklee School of Music student “Harlan” who will end the evening at the Satellite.  He laid some bouncy drum beats, and accompanied on guitar, allowing Diaz to focus on her dreamy voice.  Look out for her LP to come out soon, and check out Madi Diaz in October/November who will be touring with Joshua Radin & A Fine Frenzy.


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