LXI revealed her secret:  “What I look for to inspire me is lyrical depth and complexity”

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Seattle-born and Northern California-raised singer/songwriter Alexi Callinicos, best known as LXI, has recently treated us to a heartfelt and intimate acoustic rendition of her single “Ghost of Me.” Collaborating with Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Tayla Parx and award-winning producer/musician Ilya Toshinskiy, LXI’s stripped-down version of this emotionally charged track is nothing short of captivating.

From the very first note, it’s clear that LXI brings an extraordinary depth of emotion to her music. Her vocals are soulful, haunting, and filled with raw vulnerability, perfectly suited to the melancholic theme of “Ghost of Me.” 

Tayla Parx’s influence on the songwriting shines through in the heartfelt lyrics. The acoustic guitar work is both intricate and evocative, complementing LXI’s vocals beautifully, so this acoustic rendition strips away any distractions, leaving the raw emotion at the forefront.

We had the opportunity to speak with her about this version of her single, her incredible talent and what is to come. This is what she told us:

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest song “Ghost of Me”?

This song was actually written about my parents and familial love. We were given a prompt in my songwriting class to write to our parents from the grave. Just because I wrote it about a specific theme does not mean a different person cannot relate it to their life in many different ways. It also has an underlying theme of insecurity about whether people would really miss you if you died, which everyone can relate to in some way

In some way, this song feels like a balm for whoever listens to it because of the performance of your voice and the musicalization. What led you to opt for this subtle and deep sound?

Thank you. I always want the sound to capture the vibe of the meaning behind the song, so I concentrate on achieving that with each track.

Your music has been described as poetic and meaningful. How do you approach songwriting to capture such depth?

Poetry and writing have always come naturally to me. I love capturing inspiration from something, whether it be books, art, or media, and making something entirely new through exploring language and interpretation. For instance, before I started dating my boyfriend, I did not write about anyone romantically in my lyrics, so I was forced to get inspiration from other people’s love stories (in movies and books) if I wrote a love song. 

Can you share some of the challenges you faced as a young artist when your lyrics were considered too sophisticated for your age?

For my first album, they determined my voice was too young to sound mature enough to match the lyrics I wrote, so they had an older singer record it instead. I understood why, but of course, I would have loved to be able to sing those songs myself.

Collaborating with producer Tayla Parx is impressive. How has working with her influenced your music and creative process?

Working with Tayla in LA renewed my love for songwriting. She has a gift for putting people at ease. She also has a holistic approach to creating things as an artist, not just as a songwriter, which I find very helpful as I grow.

You’ve mentioned strong female artists like Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, and Gracie Abrams as influences. How have they shaped your musical style and vision?

What I look for to inspire me is lyrical depth and complexity. It is natural to gravitate toward being inspired by female artists close to my age more than those not a part of my generation because there is a similarity between how writers speak when they are part of the same generation. Musically, I also prefer light, soft instrumentation, which I think many girls near my age harp on, a vehicle by which they can express their softness and femininity.  

Balancing your education and music career is no small feat. How do you manage to maintain that equilibrium?

I am very disciplined. I have to be. When I’m studying, my focus is 100% on science. I try to only think about and feel the music when I’m writing or recording.

You’ve been composing music since the age of seven. What initially sparked your interest in music?

Music has been a part of my life since birth—I get that from my parents. I started playing guitar very young, and my guitar teacher suggested I turn those poems into lyrics. That is what developed into that first album.

“Ghost of Me” explores themes of self-discovery. Can you share more about the message you want listeners to take away from the song?

As mentioned earlier, the primary goal of this is to make my listeners introspectively ask themselves if those around them would really miss them if they died. I like to believe I would be missed, but no matter who you are, there is always insecurity if you actually mean as much to people as they say you do.

As a student pursuing a Biology degree with a minor in Neuroscience, how does your academic journey inform your music and lyrics?

I think learning about the functions of the brain and how our minds work can’t help but influence me, even subconsciously, to contemplate why human behavior is the way it is and how our chemistry influences our personality.

Can you share a bit about your songwriting process and how you find inspiration in various books and multimedia?

When something stops me in my tracks—if I’m in the middle of a novel or watching an exciting film—I will make a mental note to revisit it later when I have the space to process and develop it into lyrics or melodies.

What everyday things do you like to do to get out of the work bubble and relax your mind that seems to be running at 1000 revolutions per minute?

I was a competitive swimmer from 6 – 16, so I still enjoy swimming. I also love getting out into nature.

Finally, what do you hope to achieve as an artist, and how do you see your music evolving in the future?

I hope my music and lyrics connect with listeners as I associate with other artists’ work. To see something in a new way or discover a fresh perspective about life.


Favorite dessert: 

Ice cream

A perfect day, where would it be and with whom? 

Going to see the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan, with my boyfriend.

Favorite movie:


A song that you would have liked to write:

“Cardigan” by Taylor Swift is so lyrically beautiful. 

A scent that makes you happy:

Wildflowers (I like to run through fields of them).

A superpower that you would like to have:

The ability to prevent neurological diseases from ever occurring. 

Dogs or cats?

Dogs are more loyal and loving than cats, but cats are brilliant. Thus, I cannot, in good conscience, decide on one or the other. I have three cats right now, but I have had two dogs and am about to get a new one! They are so lovable in their own ways. 

Who would you like to share the stage with?

Taylor Swift

A crush:

My boyfriend! But he’s so much more than a crush.

A mantra of your life: 

A quote from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.”




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