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Singer/writer/producer Madge is an artist with love at her leisure. Hailing from a town south of Salt Lake City called Provo, but residing in sunny California now,  she was raised as a Mormon and trained as a classical musician. The juxtapositions should not escape you. These meshings are the fiber to which Madge has formed her self-professed “saccharine assault,” music.
We get to know this multi-faceted goddess of music and fall in love with her over and over again.
What are you working on now?
A video for my next single! I have a bunch of songs ready to get out there and an album in the works. I also just wrapped production on a short film that I wrote and now I’m scoring.
What drives you to create?
My gnawing anxiety and nonlinear brain definitely contribute. Sometimes creating is the only way I can make my thoughts feel linear and solid. I feel like I’m always thinking about seven things at the same time, bouncing between them like a pinball machine. Writing music or working on films helps me feel tangible.
Growing up what were you listening to and singing along to? What about now?
I listened to a lot of classical music and Sesame Street. And Broadway musical soundtracks. But I was also secretly listening to TLC and the Spice Girls and especially my 5th grad fave B*Witched (a lesser know Irish girl group that featured actual fiddling–please tell me there are other fans out there…) I don’t actively listen to a lot of music because I produce and write music every day. I’m all about podcasts. But when I do take some time to enjoy music, I love Cocteau Twins, Girlpool, FKA Twigs, France Gall, etc. It’s an eclectic mix but deep down I’m just a sucker for a good hook.
What are your favorite kind of movies to watch?
Just like… tragic, bloody French films. I’m obsessed with Catherine Breillat. I also gravitate toward magical realism. Hellboy is a fave.
Can you tell us your worst heartbreak?’
One time I got an IUD and I was in the worst pain imaginable. I remember that I called my person to come over and they did. We snuggled and talked and I felt so cared for and safe. Then the next day they suddenly stopped responding to me and two days later they sent a weird apologetic text about breaking up. It was all so painful. I remember feeling literally stuck in my bed with the physical and emotional pain of it. It was more like a uterus break lol.
Write us a haiku.
It shouldn’t rhyme though
I didn’t write it to rhyme
Blood made it that way
Wowee so emo!
How has California influenced your music?
Hmmmm…. California is such a comfortable place–I wonder if my songs have become less angsty since living here. I’m not sure. I know for sure that when I’m living in bleaker places my writing gets dark. I wrote some weird stuff while I lived in New York.
Does anyone who might have a crush on you be reading this? What is your message to them?
I always have crushes so chances are I could have a few lil crushees out there. I wish I could kiss you all on the cheek and watch a horror film with you!
Who is the muse for “Fight or Fight Club”?
If I had to choose a person it would be Persephone, the goddess of the Underworld. Equal parts fight and flight, terrible and terrified. I think that Siouxsie Sioux is also my muse in all things sexy and gory like this.

Look 1 (red pants and pink shirt). Vintage Nordstrom Tuxedo Shirt. J.Crew Collection Silk Chiffon neck tie. Calvin Klein High Waisted Brief. Hanes Tube Socks. Jewelry and Pumps Model’s own 

Vintage Jones New York Button-Up.Vintage nightgown worn underneath. 

All clothes model’s own

photographed and styled by 💕 Natalie Neal 💕




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