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Photos // Jack Stenzel

PinkPantheress, capped off her Capable of Love Tour last Wednesday night with a smashing performance at the Hollywood Palladium. It was the second night of back to back sell out shows in LA for the 23 year old British star who brought out all the tricks for her last dance. With massive A-list guest stars, fan made flags, and lots and lots of dancing, the show will undoubtedly prove to be a memory that attendees won’t easily forget.

Although the show was filled with surprises, PinkPantheress began her set predictably with a slew of her most popular songs, including “Pain” and “Break It Off”. Both come from her debut album to hell with it, which was released back in 2021 in the midst of her viral rise thanks to strong engagement on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Revered for her signature high pitched register and silky delivery, to hell with it was a completely refreshing yet reminded listeners of a bygone era of sample heavy garage dance music. Since then, PinkPantheress has earnestly carved out a place for herself in the dance pop landscape and continued to impress with the release of the her second studio album, Heaven Knows, late last year.

Photos // Jack Stenzel

The follow up album was an adventurous departure from her early production and lyrical structure into a with complete production, extroverted lyrical content and more polished tracks overall. This ambition seemed to come with a cost of less commercial success and translatability than her initial releases, but nonetheless provided a strong foundation for her tour and brought fans bops like “True Romance” and “Feel Complete”. Both were performed on Wednesday night as the Canterbury native strutted around on stage with a “safety bag” slung around her shoulder. Front row fans contributed by handing over a custom-made blanket/flag that the artist draped over herself and enjoyed dancing with.

One can’t reminisce over the entire show without remembering the guest performers that graced the stage. First came Mobile, Alabama native Flo Milli, who PinkPantheress invited out to perform her hot rap track “Never Lose Me”, subsequently drawing every cell phone up into the air. Next up was LA hometown hero Steve Lacy, who sang his iconic track “Dark Ryd” before relinquishing the stage to PinkPantheress and Nigerian artist Rema, who came out to rap his verse on “Another Life”, the intro track on Heaven Knows.

Photos // Jack Stenzel

Blown away with their luck, the electrified crowd was turned up to 10 for the rest of the night, which was rounded off by a PinkPantheress encore whilst she gushed about what she claimed was “best LA show of her life”. The (multiple) couples making out throughout the concert were an accurate indicator of the overwhelming vibes that permeated the storied walls of the Hollywood Palladium on May 1st. At the conclusion of the show, a euphoric high followed the exiting crowd as they drained out onto Sunset Boulevard, leaving no doubt that the lucky ones able to get into the sold out show were well compensated with nothing short of a magical mini festival courtesy of PinkPantheress.



Words // Jack Stenzel Will Bollini
Photos//  Jack Stenzel 
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