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Flo Milli In Los Angeles at The Novo

Photo by: Will Bollini

On a vibrant Sunday night, Flo Milli graced the stage at The Novo in Downtown LA leaving an indelible mark on the lucky crowd who witnessed her live performance. From the moment she stepped into the spotlight, the atmosphere was charged with heavy bass, and the crowd, without hesitation, erupted into a frenzy of dancing and arm-waving, fully immersed in the rhythm of her music.

Flo Milli, with her infectious exuberance, openly stated that the LA show at The Novo was one of her all-time favorite crowds. Her energy was palpable, and the audience reciprocated her enthusiasm with unbridled excitement. What truly set her show apart was the sheer number of songs she performed, many of which were instantly recognizable from their commercial success on platforms like TikTok. Flo Milli’s performance had no room for extended breaks; she seamlessly transitioned from one hit to another, showcasing her incredible stamina and energy.

Photo by: Will Bollini

The rapper treated her fans to a repertoire of songs, including those from her debut album, “Ho, why is you here?” Fan favorites like “May I,” “Like that Bitch” and “Beef FloMix” had the crowd in a state of wild euphoria. She also delved into tracks from her latest album, “You still Here, Ho?” which included infectious tunes like “Conceited,” “Roaring 20s,” and “Hottie.”

In a particularly entertaining moment, Flo Milli brought down the house with her performance of “Backpack,” a track featuring a sample from the children’s show, “Dora the Explorer.” Flo acknowledged that this song was her response to those who had teased her for sounding like Dora. It was a masterclass in turning adversity into an advantage, demonstrating her resilience and sharp wit.

Photo by: Will Bollini

One of the night’s highlights was when Flo Milli unveiled an unreleased track titled “Never Lose Me.” The song showcased a new facet of her artistry, with a more R&B influenced and sensuous vibe. Her fans, who had eagerly awaited its release, were undeniably thrilled to get a taste of this exciting new direction in her music.

What truly made Flo Milli’s performance special was her genuine appreciation for her fans and the enthusiastic turnout at the show. She didn’t just confine herself to the stage; she ventured into the crowd multiple times, rapping among her fans and establishing a close connection with them. This created an intimate bond between the artist and her supporters, making the night even more memorable.

Photo by: Will Bollini

Flo Milli’s concert at The Novo was an unforgettable night that underscored her exceptional talent and unwavering determination. At only 23 years old, she has already made her mark as a rising superstar in the rap scene. Her boundless energy, extensive discography, and strong connection with her fans unequivocally position her as an artist who excels at delivering an extraordinary show. With performances like this, Flo Milli is undoubtedly en route to becoming one of the top female artists in the rap game.





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