Live Review: Meat Market + Criminal Hygiene + Pangea live at the Satellite

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Story + Pictures: Ericka Clevenger with Pangea photos by Nina Ljeti

These lo-fi heavy hitting garage rockers have made a ruckas in the LA punk scene, never failing to put in a memorable show. Satellite being the first venue I went to in LA, I felt right at home among the sweaty head banging Angelinos. With one of the cheapest happy hours in East LA everyday 5:00-8:00, and the constant influx of talented musicians–Saturday nights at the Satellite is never short of a good time.

The crowd was a high energy ball of frenzy with Zimmerman acquitted earlier. It was the topic of every conversation around me. But as soon as Meat Market began their set, the crowd seemed to forget about the real world and zone out to the music. I punk’d my way through summer camp and I don’t give a shit squealing power cords filled the room, and everyone began to dance. Meat Market pulled in their fans with strong vocal hooks and laid-back surf rock riffs that bounced off the forehead of their bobbing heads. Getting their start in house parties, this band knows how to keep everyone dancing and enjoying every minute of their set. Setting the tone for California summer while holding onto a wide variety of multi era American music they drive their sound into your body that you cant help but thrash around.
Criminal Hygiene’s post hardcore raw garage rock sound seemed to get everyone moving around. These LA locals have a badass raw sound with a knack for song structure and quiet moments within unruly punk guitar solos. Having a reputation for having some out of control shows, the crowd seemed tame within their Rock’N’Roll convulsions.

Pangea ended the evening with a roller-coaster of face melting performance. Their upbeat surf sound makes every song seem like the perfect West Coast Anthem. Skuzzy guitar riffs, hard hitting base lines and energetically deranged yelps fill the music that seemed to pulsate through your entire body. Everyone including myself had a great time and the connection with the crowd and music was undeniable. I would definitely recommend checking out these bands the next chance you get.

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